Ashton Kutcher was on hand also to assistance girlfriend Mila Kunis at the Wednesday event, where the actors and crew commemorated the deyet of their brand-new film.


James Franco, the film's title character, signs autographs for fans during the premiere event hosted at El Capitan Theatre. Just prior to walking the carpet, Franco -- wearing a Gucci Made to Order deep burgundy checked notch lapel two-button Marseille suit -- was sent up in a hot air balloon over Hollyhardwood Boulevard. "I did take a couple images," he confessed to reporters.

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It was difficult to miss the large hot air balloon on Hollyhardwood Boulevard on Wednesday, which stayed in position outside Disney’s El Capitan theater from the beforehand morning until 7:30 p.m. premiere of Oz: The Great and Powerful, at which suggest star James Franco was sent out up right into the air for a live shot.

“I did take a pair images,” the star confessed of his ride in the balloon, wright here he was visibly involved in task on his phone. Video from the event later on surchallenged on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where Franco was a guest on that evening’s program.

Co-stars Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz and also Zach Braff also hit the emerald green carpet — complete with yellow brick road detailing — ahead of the premiere, which imagines a human being prior to the Wicked Witch of the West was evil, before the Great and Powerful Oz took his place behind the curtain and also long before Dorothy and also Toto ever stepped foot in the Emerald City.

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“It’s the beginning story,” said Weisz. “There’s a totality mythology in the Emerald City, and also they’re waiting. There’s a prophecy, which claims that a wizard will come someday. And he does in the form of James Franco.”

Franco was tasked with creating the guy, Oscar, before he becomes the legend, Oz, and also leaned on the assistance of director Sam Raimi and also screenwriters Mitchell Kapner and David Lindsay-Abaire.

“A lot of was shaped by the means the character is created, and also I think that has a lot to carry out via Sam,” said Franco. “He wanted the character to have an arc that took him from being a flawed male to maybe a far better man. And so he would go on this journey with a fantastical land, yet he would certainly additionally have type of an inner journey.”

Williams, that plays the angelic Glinda the Good Witch, signed on for the task not only to occupational via Raimi but to share the suffer of Oz with her young daughter. “I wanted to make a movie my daughter could be privy to,” Williams said, noting that she looks forward to watching her child’s confront as she sees the movie for the initially time. “I have actually extremely fond memories of <The Wizard of Oz> as a boy, and I check out the manuscript and also responded to it automatically.”

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And though Williams left daughter Matilda at residence (and beau Jakid Segel, who was nowright here to be watched at the afterparty), Franco maintained his family cshed by. Little brvarious other Dave Franco, presently co-starring in Warm Bodies, blended and also mingled at the event in a suit and bowtie, looking every little bit as dapper as his elder sibling.

Weisz stepped out solo for the event, informing reporters that husband also Daniel Craig was “on the East Coast,” however chatted via a number of guests on the major party floor inside Lure Nightclub. Just feet ameans, in a roped-off area, Williams could be viewed smiling and also laughing via her (very pregnant) BFF Busy Philipps, while Kunis cozied up in beau Ashton Kutcher’s jacket. The Two and a Half Men star donned a basesphere cap and white cardigan over a shirt and tie as eager guests lobbied to gain a word in.

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Elsewright here, attendees might nibble on mini-cupcakes dispensed from an oversized gumround machine, don wonky Oz-associated hats in a greendisplay photo booth or also acquire a manicure through OPI’s newest nail polish, When Montricks Fly.