Outlook sucks

Outlook frustrated the hell out of me when I began making use of it a year ago, so I started maintaining a list. Here is that list.

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Composing Email

1. No real-time spellcheck (choose eextremely other email routine on the earth.)Underlining misspelled words is a global software conventional. Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, and a host of various other totally free software packeras have identified how to do this. But supposedly this exotic modern technology is past the master of Outlook developers. (Sure you deserve to usage MS Word as your editor to acquire this impact, but I for one am not going to buy a 100MB $500 routine simply to obtain a feature that is now a commodity.)2. Doesn’t indicate people from your Contacts3. Why do I have to be told that I haven’t sent a mail while I’m in the middle of creating it?After a minute or so of working on a message, Outlook will certainly freeze for a couple of secs, change your message dvery own, and also display an alert saying “The message has not been sent out.” No shit, Sherlock!
(Further investigation mirrors that this happens whenever before Outlook decides to inspect the server while you’re writing. I’m still perplexed why I need to want this.)4.
Unclear when mails are actually sentThis is particularly true for emails through big attachments. E.g. You’re in a hurry to capture a flight yet have to send off those display shots initially. You fire off an email and also hit “send”, do one last check of your calendar, put the computer system to sleep and also rush off for your flight. Not until the next morning carry out you wake up and realize that the folks in Europe have actually been waiting 8 hrs for your mail and aren’t happy. Unchoose Thunderbird or various other apps that offer you a progression bar for huge emails, in Outlook you have actually simply the tiny standing text at the bottom and also no warning if the computer system sleeps/hibernates prior to the message is sent out.5. Doesn’t learn which addresses I actually use. (Outlook 2007) E.g. I need to manually scroll down and also pick “Dan Jones” every time I mail him (daily), because “Dan McClellan” (an acquaintance I email probably as soon as a year) is constantly the first choice.6. Doesn’t learn which addresses I actually use. (Outlook 2003) Doesn’t immediately find email addresses that you’ve written to before, or have emailed you. Even cost-free email clients like Thunderbird deserve to execute this. In Outlook you must create a contact in order for it to recognize any type of deal with. I don’t desire to make a “contact” for everyone I can email more than as soon as.No easy method to choose which of multiple addresses you want to compose to. You have to wait for it to guess (How lengthy of a wait? you never before know) and then correct it if it’s wrong.7. Mysterious selection of deal with for recipient (Outlook 2003)Once a name is recognized (God knows when that magically happens), and also the perchild has actually multiple addresses, you don’t recognize which one it picked. (Due to the fact that it never mirrors email addresses) You need to double-click the name to find out what it picked.8. Broken auto-guessing of names (Outlook 2003) You kind in a name, and also it doesn’t perform any kind of auto complete. In reality, occasionally you don’t recognize who it’s going to pick until you hit send (or proproactively hit the “Find Names” button) if the perchild you desire isn’t yet in your contacts, yet someone of a similar name is, you’ve simply emailed the wrong person!9. Outlook 2007 has removed key-board shortcuts from the email editor. Due to the fact that you wouldn’t desire civilization to have the ability to work-related any faster…10. No idea of nicknames (prefer eexceptionally various other email program on the planet.) Why can’t I email my frifinish Daniel Newman through just “Danny”, as I describe him, without losing the fact in my call information that his legal name is Daniel?11. It’s always copying formatting I don’t desire.It takes 4 clicks and a dialog box to carry out paste message without the original formatting. Horribly frustrating when you’re trying to copy message from the browser as a quotation in an email. (Without your email looking choose shit.)Further, it is impossible to add keyboard shortcut for pasting unformatted message. (See below) And just to make damn certain it remains impossible, tbelow is no command for this in built in macro language, so also a determined nerd favor myself can’t develop a keyboard macro.In Outlook 2003 tright here is no means to paste unformatted text. Pasting in a line from almost everywhere else (like the browser) will certainly leave you through that line looking various than the remainder (and also you looking like an idiot). Even worse, after pasting tbelow is no way remove all the formatting on a message so that it matches a normal message composition. Only solution is to initially paste right into notepad, then copy-n-paste aget right into message.12. Imfeasible to rerelocate formatting from a replyIf you are creating a reply to an e-mail and want to rerelocate formatting (bold, italic, and so on..) the ctrl-space command doesn’t job-related. It have to recollection you to the normal format (blue Calibri font), however rather it offers you a entirely different format (black Times New Roman). This is particularly bad because it is so damn hard to paste text without formatting. (See above)13. Embedded imperiods mysteriously enlarged or resized.When you paste in a screenswarm (or any image, really), Outlook magically decides that it should scale the picture up by around 130%. Is it so tough to leave pixels as pixels?E.g. See how this screenswarm in a mail has been enlarged.
Still worse, tbelow is no “Properties” dialog box where you can enter a numeric scaling variable (e.g. ‘100%’). Instead, the only means to resize the photo is grab the corners and also usage usage your eyeballs to guess as to what is “actual size”.14. Mysterious errors from programs I don’t ownIf I paste a photo from Photoshop into an Outlook message, I gain this error message.
The thing is: There is no copy of Microsoft Word installed on my machine. What’s going on? 15.
No way to modify HTML code of email (and strange mucking via HTML you paste in)Imfeasible to compose an email that links
to imeras quite than embedding them.16. Interrupts your email writing while it checks for brand-new messagesIf Outlook decides to download messperiods from exreadjust while you’re in the middle of writing an email, your composition window will freeze without warning and also all keystrokes will be shed. I frequently kind without looking at the display and also won’t notification for several sentences that Outlook has actually determined to ignore my keying.17. Can’t re-format your message dynamically as you resize the write email window. If you re-dimension a message while in the middle of creating it, your next is not re-flowed dynamically–just after you’ve let go of the mouse button.(Keep in mind that Internet Explorer and also Firefox–both complimentary programs–established exactly how to execute this 6 years back.)18. Web client looses messperiods with no possibility to recover If you hit sfinish after having actually been unknowingly logged out, your message is not saved. E.g. you start a mail, are then interrupted for a phone contact, then later resume your mail and hit send. (And bereason the client does weird stuff with the create, the internet browser can’t recoup your message once you go back to the create page after logging in.)There is no way to adjust the (exceptionally short) time after which you are logged out.(Strangely, if you were replying to a message as soon as this happens, Outlook will certainly erroneously show that you actually did send a reply.)19. While an externally-released “Compose Email” home window is open up, the remainder of Outlook is unusable.E.g. Without Outlook open up, I pick the “Sfinish to mail Recipient” alternative of an outside regimen (prefer my message editor). But the recipient’s name isn’t in Outlook (Even tho I’ve emailed him a million times, but that’s an additional issue) So I try to carry up the resolve book. Impossible. Can’t also launch one more instance of Outlook.

Reading Email

20. Dreadful display screen of HTML emails (Sets email architecture ago 5 years) 21. Pevaluation pane painfully slow-moving, leading to confusion around what message you’re reading.When you click on a message in the inbox, it highlights immediately, yet the message doesn’t fill right into the pevaluation pane for many kind of secs (even up to minutes through a slow-moving connection). During this lag time there is no indication that the computer system is busy, prefer the spinner in a browser or the home windows hourglass. So you acquire these confmaking use of cases wright here inbox list says you’re analysis a message from Jane but what is presented is a message from Joe.22. Can’t view messages as conversation23. Poor handling of attached messagesIf an email has actually a big variety of attached messages, they are presented in a tiny scrolling pane at the optimal of the email. This pane is not resizeable, so it becomes a large pain to find a specific photo.Imeras have the right to only be perceived one at a time. When you switch in between the “pevaluation mode” and the actual email message, it doesn’t remember which message you were on. So if you’re going with a long list of imeras and trying to complement them to descriptions in the message, you need to hunt via the tiny list of image names for each image.24. The Junk Email folder constantly remains bold. In Outlook, favor many other email programs, a folder is displayed in bold as soon as it has unread items. This is great bereason it draws your attention to stuff that requirements your attention. However, the “Junk Email” folder in Outlook stays bold even when everything in it is read, so a quick glance constantly fools me into reasoning I have brand-new mail. Argh!25. Stupid dealing with of Junk EmailYou’re looking through your junk email folder and also find one from a frifinish, so you select “Add Sender to Safe Senders List.” This is a pretty clear sign that you don’t think this was junk mail, right? The ideal point for Outlook to do would be to relocate the message into whatever folder it would have actually typically gone to. But no! You have to carry out this yourself. Even worse, if you try to click on links in the mail, Outlook will bitch at you that they’ve been disabled and also informing you to move it to the Inbox. 26. Mysterious unreview Sent MessagesSome messages in the “Sent Items” folder will certainly mysteriously be marked as uncheck out, making the folder bold. Aacquire, I get fooled into reasoning I have new mail.
To fix this, you have to “read” these messperiods that you wrote. However before, there is no method to kind this folder by the “Read” attribute, so if you have a lot of sent out items, you need to search for these “unread” ones by scrolling with the list one web page at a time.27.
No way to pressure Outlook to retrieve messeras, also as soon as you know they are on the server. I’ll regularly gain a message on my Blackberry, yet nothing mirrors up in Outlook, also after hitting the “Send-Receive” button. You just need to wait till Outlook, in its infinite expertise, decides that now is the appointed time to downpack messperiods. (Non-exchange email, favor my exclusive POP3 account, is constantly retrieved automatically once I hit “Send-Receive”.)Correction: I simply found out that this is feasible by hitting CTRL-F9. Don’t recognize why I didn’t think of that on my own, it’s so intuitive! (However before, this forces a finish re-syncing, which takes a lot much longer that a normal upday cycle.)28. How to acquire to a conserved attachment?After you save an attachment to your neighborhood box, there is no method to conveniently open the Windows Explorer to where the file was conserved. E.g. Someone sends out you an image that you want to open in Photoshop, you conserve it, then have to manually open up an Explorer window and also navigate to wright here Outlook saved it. (Hope you remembered!)29. Dumb-as-a-brick Spam FilterOutlook will flag mail as spam also if I’ve emailed the perchild many type of times prior to, or read (and responded to) lots of email from them in the past. How dumb can a filter be?30. Can’t view inlined photos at actual sizeIf a photo is inline in a message (i.e. not an attachment), then it is impossible to view it at ‘actual size’. Outlook constantly scales it to fit the home window or pane you are analysis in. Double-clicking does not open up it in the photo viewer as you might mean, nor is there an choice in the right-click conmessage window. Only chance is to copy-and-paste it into some other image viewing routine.31. False alertsWhen founding Outlook, it throws up those bottom-best alerts windows even for messages that have actually already been check out on an additional device such as a Blackberry.Once downloaded, they are effectively presented as unreview. So if Outlook knows the message has actually already been check out, why does it interrupt me (and also freeze my machine) to tell me about it?32. Impossible to uncover messperiods by Sender (Web client)If you’re in a long list of messages sorted by Sender, Outlook doesn’t even show you who the sender is.No method to jump to a name, simply have to kind in web page numbers. (Again, I spent 20 minutes going through old message listings one page at a time trying to find an old email.)


33. Search sucksIn many type of instances it ssuggest does not uncover messperiods, also once I’ve typed in exact message or names from those mails. Here’s a screenactors demonstration.

34. Search is sluggish as hellSearches done from the ‘Inbox search’ occasionally take over 60 secs. By compariboy, Google Deskoptimal Search finds the very same messages in under a second.I couldn’t acquire such an extreme negative example on video camera, however this video shows that Outlook is at least twice as sluggish as Google.35. Can’t tell when a search is finishedWhen looking, the “I’m browsing indicator” gets puburned off the bottom of the display screen as results are discovered. So you don’t know once it is done looking unmuch less you manually save scrolling to the bottom of the home window.This is doubly bad given that it scans in no specific order. So it might uncover 100 mails from last year in the initially 10 seconds, and then once you scroll to the bottom, it unexpectedly finds a mail from yesterday and adds it close to the optimal of the list–off the display where you won’t watch it! You need to consistently sdeserve to up and also down the list.

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36. Contact search sucks tooWhen you search for a call, the possible matches are displayed just by name and in a separate little bit home window. So if you have 5 John Smith’s in your contacts however desire to find the John from Acme Corp, you go via one by one and open up each name. Why can’t it just filter the normal list of contacts choose you would expect?Update: Keep in mind this was addressed in an upday in November. Results now filter choose you’d suppose.37. Net client has no search functionality at all.No joke, I spent 20 minutes going through old message listings one page at a time trying to uncover an old email. Ridiculous.Update: Learned later on that search just works in Net Explorer.38. Hard to search within a messageNo way at all to search the text within the ptestimonial pain.When message is opened up in a separate window, the “Find” function is tough to discover and has no key-board shortcut.Idea: Someone needs to tell the Outlook programmers about that sophisticated newfangled ‘CTRL-F’ attribute.


39. Freezes the whole machine while retrieving mailEvery few minutes my machine freezes for 10-15 secs, or much longer if you’re receiving a mail through big attachments. It’s true that I have the slowest held exadjust server in the civilization. But still, Mr. Outlook, do you really have to freeze the entire machine while waiting to connect to the server? What kind of miraculous modern technology does Firefox have actually that permits it to fill a web page while still permitting you to perform other things on your computer?? I hear it’s open source, so perhaps the Outlook programmers could take a look at exactly how they do this impressive trick.40. Freezes for 3-10 seconds if you do anything too fastThis could be because of the slowness of my exchange server, yet then Microsoft shouldn’t code the client to freeze simply bereason the server is sluggish. Especially when you’re not doing server associated jobs.E.g. This always happens if you try to switch earlier and forth conveniently in between the Mail and Calendar views.

Uscapacity Nightmares

41. No food selection barsWTF?Did we ask for this?I had actually to do a Google search to figure out just how print an email. It was not intuitive to me to click the maimed-butterfly-impaled-on-chrome icon in the edge.42. No UI indication of when Outlook is frozen/busy/sucking. All the times once Outlook is busy connecting to the exadjust server (watch the ‘Slowness’ area above), the cursor continues to be as an arrow instead of changing to an hourglass. So Outlook appears to be functioning typically, except that all butloads and also windows simply don’t react to your clicks or inputting.The herbal reaction as soon as it freezes prefer this is to try and click on stuff, which won’t job-related. Except when Outlook lastly does finish talking to the server, all those clicks occur at once resulting in utter chaos.43. An open up dialog box disables eexceptionally other function in Outlook.E.g. While I was editing and enhancing my signature, I essential to copy-and-paste the fax number from an old email. No luck: The rest of Outlook is frozen and also unusable while you have actually a dialog box open up.44. When you enter a job in the To-Do pane and hit enter, the text you enters just disappears. You have actually no feedearlier that a job was actually created, or where you could discover it.45. No concept of a “history”, no earlier button favor in a internet browser.E.g. I’m analysis an old mail, then check out a related mail, then search for a super old connected mail, and also then try to acquire earlier to the original one I was analysis. No means to find it except by browsing, then hope and also pray I remember some distinctive text/sender indevelopment to find it. (Then hope pray that Outlook search will actually work, and also within this decade!)46. Dreadful unintuitive rendering of multiple calendars.Can anyone make sense of these?47. Interface is completely modal 48. State information not rememberedWhen you switch in between modes, the existing scrolling area is not maintained. For example, I scroll down a few pperiods in a long email to uncover the date of an occasion, then switch to calendar to view if I’m free, then switch back to the mail…arg! It has actually scrolled me earlier to the peak of the email.And if you navigate to a future day in the calendar, then switch back to cross-check a mail, then go ago to the calendar….you get recollection earlier to the default watch and today’s date.49. List windows don’t scroll as you relocate the scroll bars (E.g. Inbox folder or Contacts)In big folders (like my inbox) it’s a guessing affair to scroll to the best email or contact.Dynamic scrolling was introduced by the NeXT computer system in 1990 — 17 years ago!50. No quick method to flip in between different components of the program (e.g. conveniently switch from the mail to calendar and earlier.)In a internet browser, or MS word, you have the right to switch in between documents with Ctrl-Tab or Alt-Tab. Nothing like this in Outlook.


51. Who desires Archiving?Outlook wants to “Archive” my old messperiods, making them un-searchable and out of my normal circulation. I just bought a 1 Terabyte disk for $200 and Outlook wants to erase or specially compress my email? What century are they in? Are disks so expensive in Redmond that MS Employees need to pay mindful attention to how a lot room their email takes? Last I checked, GMail and also even Hotmail offer 5 gigabytes for totally free. Making old messeras un-searchable is unforgivable.52. Deletes records from Server without asking, no means to put them ago.I store my personal mail on my own server. I always set programs to not delete emails from the server so that I can watch them from my web client, and to have a backup of the imperiods. When I linked Outlook to my POP3 server, it immediatly downloadedand also deleted virtually 2 years of emails. Of course, this is a one-means process–no way to put them back.53. Outlook is a memory hogIf you leave it open for a workday, it will really begin to grind your system to a halt. (Keep in mind that in this screenswarm, Gmail was loaded in among the many kind of tabs in Firefox!)
54. Outlook 2007 deletes your categoriesIf you have categories from an old variation of outlook, and you click on that category in Outlook 2007, the category is deleted without warning. See it in devastating action in the screencast listed below.55. Impossible* to have initially names presented firstNo method to to switch display screen of all names from “Last, First” to “First Last”56. Althe majority of difficult to obtain at an actual email address. (Outlook 2007)E.g. I’m trying to email a list of addresses for an invite. As a shortcut, I type “paul” in the sfinish area, wait for it carry out be auto-corrected to his Contact entry, then try to copy and also paste the deal with out. But impossible to copy and paste it right into message, it only duplicates his name component.57. Almeans takes extra clicks to see an actual email address (Outlook 2003). 58. No way to view message source HTML (Outlook 2007). They actually removed this feature–it remained in previous versions approximately Outlook 2003. WTF?59. Just ordinary fucking slow and also bloated. Even on an Acer Ferrari with 2 gigs of RAM the whole machine grinds to a halt when email is fetched. Switching in between mail and also calendars takes as much as 5 seconds. Always consumes approximately 100 megs of memory.60. No way to watch contacts sorted by the day that the entries were produced. That information is not stored at all. Consider the instance once I’m trying to find the man that I just gotten in last night but I forgot his name. With over a thousand also contacts, I’ll sudepend never before uncover him again!61. No method to break-up interconfront into multiple windowsFor example, you can’t view your calendar while you navigate with your mail messeras.62. Calendar warning through no contextWhen making an appointment Outlook might warn that “This appointment is surrounding to one more in your calendar.” That’s nice, however tright here is no means to discover out what that nearby appointment IS without opening the calendar mode and also looking yourself. Why can’t it tell me, or at leastern give me a connect to click?63. Can’t remember credentialsEextremely time I start Outlook I need to select a profile and also type in my password.This is also true for the internet client, even once I select the “This is a private computer” alternative. (Why do they even make that an choice if it does nopoint, I wonder?)Even Hotmail determined 10 years earlier how to have an alternative for “Remember me on this computer”. Maybe the Outlook human being need to talk to them? I firmly think that it is possible, through some cleverness, to have actually a computer keep information that the user would prefer to be retrieved later.64. Messeras saved in weird placeA few years back a roommate re-formatted my hard disk while I was amethod. He thought he had saved all my information by backing up the “My Documents” folder. But all my email, three years of it, were stored by Outlook in an obscure concealed folder nowbelow near the My Documents foler. Sure, he was an idiot to execute this without asking, however you deserve to check out the logic to his backup choice. 65. Doesn’t really quit as soon as you ask it toAfter you close all open up Outlook windows you would certainly think that it would sheight running. (And soptimal taking up memory and also processor cycleas.) But no, Outlook will proceed to run even after you’ve quit. Only means is to open up the procedure manager and also kill the hidden Outlook process still running. No warning is offered that a procedure is still running in the background, however as soon as you next start Outlook it will certainly bitch that you “didn’t shut it down appropriately last time”. 66. Imfeasible to ago up all crucial folders at onceYou may only export one folder at a time to a PST file, so you can’t export your inbox folder and sent folders at the same time. (You could think to put them both in one folder and also export that one, however Outlook won’t let you relocate the Inbox or Sent folders bereason they are “special”.)


67. It’s ugly as shit.

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Especially Outlook 2007.Why does Microsoft make windows look one style in their OS, and then override this style in all their applications?When Outlook is freezing up, (which it does constantly, watch the ‘Slowness Section’) you will check out all the home windows revert to default Windows XP styling till it recovers.

If you have actually uncovered various other problems through Outlook, please add them to the comments. CAMStudio is cost-free software application for recording your own screencasts, which you have the right to then upload to YouTube and then leave a link in your comment.