Outlook cannot open this item

Outlook is an remarkable desktop email client. However before, that does not expect that Outlook is perfect. Tbelow are many kind of worries that torment all the many different versions of Outlook, and also one of these problems occurs once an email that an affected user sends out out gets stuck in the Outbox folder with the user unable to send, delete and sometimes also open up it. Such an email sindicate stays in the Outbox for what appears choose all eternity, refusing to go almost everywhere. In enhancement, to peak it all off, this difficulty has and also continues to influence quite a lot of Outlook individuals. Whenever before a user influenced by this problem tries to open or resend the culprit message, they obtain the complying with error message:

Cannot open this item. Outlook has currently started transmitting this message

Emails can acquire stuck in the Outbox because they are also huge, bereason of a crappy internet link, bereason of an interior difficulty via the email itself or because of any type of among dozens of various other factors. Thankcompletely, though, no issue what the reason of this problem might be, tbelow are tons of points that deserve to be done to try and also resolve it. The complying with are some of the many efficient options that you deserve to use to attempt and also solve this problem:

Solution 1: Open the email and also then delete it

Launch Outlook

Navigate to your Outbox.

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Double-click on the email to open it. If the email sindicate refuses to open, ignore this action and also move forward through the following one. If the email opens effectively, close it.

Right-click the email and also click on Delete in the context menu.

Pro Tip: If this solution doesn’t occupational for you, simply drag and drop the culprit email from your Outbox to your Drafts folder. Once that’s done, open your Drafts folder and either delete the email or open it by double-clicking on it and click Send to try and sfinish it. If sending the email from the Drafts folder doesn’t job-related, be sure to try to delete it.

Equipment 2: Try to deal with the trouble in Offline Mode

Outlook has actually a handy little bit Offline Setting which you deserve to switch to in order to attempt and also get rid of the culprit email in instance Solution 1 didn’t work-related for you. To use this solution, you need to:

If you are utilizing Outlook 2007 (or an also older version), click on Data > Work Offline. If you are making use of Outlook 2010 or later on, navigate to the Sfinish / Receive tab and click on Work Offline.

Try to delete the culprit email. To execute so, repeat actions 24 from Solution 1.

Pro Tip: If this solution doesn’t work-related, you have the right to even try switching to Offline Setting and also then using the Pro Tip from Systems 1 to maximize your possibilities of overcoming this issue.

Systems 3: Try to deal with the difficulty in Safe Mode

Acomponent from Offline Mode, you can additionally attempt to settle this problem in Outlook’s Safe Mode. In order to do so, you require to:

Hold down the Ctrl vital, and while doing so, double-click on a shortreduced to Outlook or click on Outlook in your Taskbar or Start Menu to launch it.

Keep holding dvery own the Ctrl essential until you view a dialog asking you whether or not you desire to start Outlook in Safe Mode. Once you see this dialog, let go of the Ctrl essential and click on Yes.

Try to delete the culprit email by repeating steps 24 from Solution 1.

Pro Tip: Once again, it is recommended that you reuse the Pro Tip from Solution 1, however this time while you have began Outlook in Safe Mode.

Systems 4: Create a brand-new .PST file and also then delete the culprit email

If namong the above remedies have actually worked for you, this borderline drastic yet very efficient solution may simply be the method to go. Many type of customers influenced by this issue have actually been able to delete the emails that were stuck in their Outbox after producing new .PST files. In order to use this solution, you need to:

If you are using Outlook 2007 (or an even older version), click File > New > Outlook Documents File…. On the various other hand also, if you are utilizing Outlook 2010 or later on, click Data > Account Settings > Account Settings…, navigate to the File Files tab and also click Add….

Name the new Outlook Data Data somepoint prefer New PST and then click OK.

Click on the recently produced Outlook Documents Data to pick it, and also then click on Set as Default to set it as your default Documents File.

Click on OK in the resulting dialog.

Rebegin Outlook by cshedding it and also then launching it aget. Once it opens, you will see that the contents of your original .PST file are displayed in Outlook as an additional set of folders now.

Navigate to your additional Outbox (the one from the original .PST file) and delete the stuck email or move it to your Drafts folder and then remove/resend it from tbelow.

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Set your original .PST file as the default Outlook File File and, if you desire, delete the brand-new .PST file that you created.

Rebegin Outlook and, hopetotally, all have to be well again.

Solution 5: Use MFCMAPI to remove the culprit message

If all else stops working, the only remaining course for you to go dvery own is to usage MFCMAPI, a really dependable and trustworthy third-party regime designed as a low-level modifying tool for Outlook, to attempt and remove the culprit email. In order to carry out so, you require to:

Go below and downfill the latest version of MFCMAPI.

If the downloaded file is an archive file, uncompush it making use of a compression program such as WinRAR.

Locate and double-click exe among the contents of the downloaded file to launch MFCMAPI.

Click on OK in the resulting popup.

Click on Session > Logon….

Select your Outlook mail profile in the dropdown menu and also click on OK.

Double-click on the enattempt which has True in its Default Store

In the left pane, expand also the very initially entry. This will be dubbed Root – Mailbox or Root Container relying on whether or not you are utilizing an Exadjust

Expand each of the adhering to folders:

IPM_SUBTREE Top of Outlook data paper Top of Personal Folders Top of Indevelopment Store

The goal is to uncover your Outbox folder, so you deserve to soptimal once you expand among the folders listed above and view your Outbox folder.

Once you check out your Outbox folder, double-click it and also a dialog containing every one of the email messperiods in your Outbox folder will open up.

Click on the culprit email to pick it and also then click on Actions > Submit > Abort submit.

With the culprit email still schosen, click Actions > Delete message.

Open the dropdown food selection directly underneath Deletion style and also click the Permanent delete passing DELETE_HARD_DELETE (unrecoverable) option to choose it.

Click on OK.

Close all open up MFCMAPI home windows, launch Outlook, and you have to view that you have actually ultimately acquired rid of the culprit email.

By Kevin Arrows March 12, 2018
5 minutes read

Kevin Arrows

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Kevin is a dynamic and also self-encouraged information modern technology expert, with a Thorough understanding of all facets pertaining to network-related framework style, implementation and also management. Superior record of moving simultaneous massive mission crucial projects on time and under budgain.

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SOLVED: Cannot open this item. Outlook has already begun transmitting this message

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