Outlook 2016 high cpu usage

I freshly upgraded to MS Outlook 2013. And because then Outlook uses one CPU core all the time.

I usage IMAP and I suspected the IMAP connector bereason I have actually viewed most complaints on IMAP in Outlook 2013 however my Outlook offers the CPU even if I set it to offline mode and also disaffix the computer from network.

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I have tried to disable all add-ins however it does not aid.

Any concepts how to pressure Outlook to do not use cpu so much?


I had the same problem: Outlook 2013 was constantly utilizing 20-30% of my CPU. The only way to lower CPU intake was closing and also re-opening Outlook 2013.

Following ideas from two Microsoft blogs (watch right here and here) I fixed the trouble removing a lot of old follow-up (noting them as "completed"). This lugged CPU usage earlier to 0%.


This is not a resolve however addresses the symptom:

I noticed if you disable the analysis pane the Outlook.exe procedure cpu fill drop to zero.

View -> Reading Pane -> Off

Also make sure all of your email home windows are closed.

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Once you start analysis an email the CPU spike comes back. Really weird.


Now in 2020 and also making use of Outlook 365 I had actually the extremely exact same problem: high CPU utilization from Outlook (according to Process Explorer about 12% of the CPU time was used by Outlook). My laptop’s fan was permanently on also if no other program was running.

What helped in my case (after quite some time struggling via this) was to rerelocate the regional cache *.ost file in between two Outlook sessions. CPU consumption now is commonly much less than 1%.


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