Outlook 2007 exchange 2013

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Your brand-new Exchange 2013 mailbox uses Microsoft Exchange 2013 innovation. The integrated Autofind function immediately detects your settings for you, permitting you to complete the setup within a couple of minutes.

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Before you start

Outlook 2007 supports multiple email prorecords, however each profile is only able to support one Microsoft Exreadjust or Professional mailbox. If you are currently using Outlook with a Professional mailbox you will should create a new email profile.

How lengthy will certainly it take me?

Around 3 minutes (using Autodiscover)Around 9 minutes (establishing up manually)

Using Autofind to configure Outlook 2007

Tip 1

You will should produce a brand-new email profile in Windows.

Step 2

Once your new profile has been createdyou will certainly be prompted to fill in your mailboxdetails.In the text boxes gave enter the adhering to details:

Your Name: This is the name that various other people will certainly check out as soon as you email them.E-mail Address: This is the name of the Exchange 2013 mailbox that you have just produced, for example ralph
ralphsdomainname.com.Password: This is the password you decided when you created your brand-new mailbox.Retype Password: Re-enter the password you determined when creating your mailbox.


Once you have actually gone into these details click Next.

Step 3

Your computer will attempt to connect to our Exchange servers. Each of our Exadjust servers are secured by SSL, but this certificate will not match your domain name. Each time Outlook encounters a server it will ask if you want to proceed. Click Yes to these warns. Repeat this process for each of the servers Outlook connects to.

Step 4

You will be motivated to enter your username and password. Input your Exreadjust 2013 email attend to into the User name box and also your password into the Password box.


Tip 5

A pop-up will inform you that the account has been set up successfully. Click Finish to finish the procedure.

Tip 6

Open Outlook and also choose the profile you have developed. You might be prompted to enter your mailbox details aacquire at this phase. After which your mailbox will be put up and also prepared to usage.

The Autouncover wizard has not worked

If the Autouncover wizard doesn"t work-related, this is an indication that Autodiscover is not setup within your DNS records. This record is developed by default if you are using jiyuushikan.org Nameservers, yet deserve to be added manually if your domain"s DNS documents are being administered in other places.

Creating a new CNAME record

Simply call your domain administrator and request the following enhancement to your domains DNS CNAME record.

Host NamePoints to

For example if your domajor name is ralphsdomainname.com your doprimary provider deserve to create an A record for autodiscover.ralphsdomainname.com to suggest to autodiscover.1.exchange2013.livemail.co.uk.

Once the CNAME document has been added, you will certainly have the ability to complete the actions in the previous chapter and Outlook will certainly instantly put up your Exreadjust 2013 mailbox for you.If you perform not have regulate over your DNS records, or perform not want to add a secondary A document to your domajor name, you can still set up Outlook manually. The adhering to chapter will show you how.

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Setting up Outlook Manually

Before you set up your Exchange 2013 mailbox manually, you will must make a note of the adhering to details:

UsernamePasswordEmail addressExadjust server name

Step 1

You will certainly must create a brand-new email profile in Windows.

Step 2

With the Add New Email Account wizard open, check the box Manually configure server settings or additional server types and click Next.


Step 3

Select Microsoft Exadjust or compatible serviceand then click the Next button.


Step 4

Go into the Exadjust server name winhexbeeu101 in the Microsoft Exreadjust server area and also make sure that Use Cached Exadjust Setting is ticked.

Step 5

Enter your full email deal with in the User name text box, then click the More Settings button.


Tip 6

A window through the heading Microsoft Exreadjust Server will certainly open. Click the Connection tab, then tick Connect to Microsoft Exreadjust using HTTP.


Tip 7

Click the button noted Exreadjust Proxy Setups.

Step 8

A new home window will open up. Under Connection settings, enter


Tip 9

Tick the box marked On fast netfunctions, attach utilizing HTTP initially, then attach using TCP/IP, then examine that the drop-down list under Proxy authentication settings is set to NTLM Authentication.


Tip 10

Click OK and then click OK in the Microsoft Exchange Server window.You will certainly be informed that Outlook will certainly must rebegin for the changes to take effect. Click OK.

Tip 11

Click Next in the Add new E-mail Account home window.


Step 12

Click Finish.

Open Outlook 2007 to start using your Exreadjust 2013 mailbox.

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Our Exadjust platdevelop is sustained by a number of servers, to ensure the best performance you will be automatically linked to the server that deserve to respond to your requests the fastest. When you automatically switch to an additional server you will certainly view a defense alert, sindicate click Yes to continue. Once you have embraced a server you will not be motivated again.