In the adhering to weeks, I will share some of my thoughts on each of the 2019 essay inquiries. These comments are not intended to be version answers bereason tright here is no such thing as a correct answer for these esstates. The conversation is also not meant to be finish. Rather, these short articles are offered to stimulate feasible opportunities of exploration and also means to enwealthy what you have currently composed.

The initially thingthat strikes me is that this is a quotation from the famed artist Picasso andtherefore, he will be speaking in the conmessage of the arts. However, I perform not think that the quotations meanthat the arts need to be addressed but it is acting as a beginning point (deliberatelyvague) for the knowledge exploration to better build.

The contrastingkeywords from the quotation are obviously “what is” vs. “what could be” and also “why”vs. “why not”. When Picasso is sayingthis, tbelow is a superior connotation associated with the second sentence, claimingthat he has actually the capacity to look right into the future/unexplored possibilities whilstothers (mere mortals!!) are only dwelling in the present. As an artist, he iscreating art which is novel and one-of-a-kind, unique from the current. This asserted superiority does not necessarilyshould be addressed once answering this TOK question as we are fundamentallyinterested in the expedition of different forms of expertise, regardmuch less ofthe current or the brand-new.

What TOK implicationsexecute the contrasting keywords have? “Whatis” and also “What could be” strongly argues the difference between the presentand also future understanding, delving deeper with the existing vs. pushing the frontiersof the understanding. Once the locations ofunderstanding (AOK) has been selected, an interesting opportunity would certainly be thecontrast between the different forms of way of learning.

“What is” “What can be”
Reason Imagination
Sense Perception Intuition
Memory Faith
Language Eactivity

The WOK of knowingon the left seems even more tangible than the ones on the left. Receivinginformation with feeling perception will be more concrete than intuition whichby interpretation is hard to describe the underlying reason (“How execute you know?”“My intuition tells me so.” End of conversation). We regularly usage reason toanalyse the indevelopment what is at hand also and also usage imagination to think of furtherpossibilities. It may be worthwhile to thinkof the 2 AOKs that you select via respect to the ways of learning above toencertain that your discussion is grounded in TOK language.

With regards to the production of expertise, just how are both different? Whilst the many type of human being might categorise the second half of the statement i.e. “what might be” as the manufacturing of genuine understanding as it is a clear expansion of current knowledge e.g. the invention of a brand-new phone, what around the additionally knowledge of the current. For instance, whilst we may ultimately have flying cars in the future (Larry Page, co-founder of Google invests in a flying taxi start-up), engineers are repetitively refining the means which cars are made, making them significantly faster and fuel resistant. Surely therefore the refinement of present modern technology, methodology and also products also counts as the production of understanding. A case can be made that both are equally necessary however simply that they are various in nature. Knowledge linked via the present i.e. “what is” is downward looking to higher depths whilst “what can be” is forward looking. A greater knowledge of the current will certainly administer the momentum for future breakthroughs. This diagram below illustprices this point.

The contrastsin between “why” and also “why not” might be antagonistic. “Why not” can pose a difficulty towardsexisting conventions and methodologies to the level that the present may be eventuallyreput. I still remember as soon as I initially internedat an investment bank, the Blackberry, a mobile device through a keypad was seenas the coolest and also poshest thing ever before.Functionally, via its 26-letter keypad and ergonomic architecture, it is hardto imagine it being replaced in the business civilization. It was so commonly used thatthe injury resulted in by the too much usage of the thumbs on a mobile gadget wasknown as the “blackberry thumb”. Steve Jobs hated points that was overly complicatedand also wanted a sleek style, therefore the birth of the touchdisplay screen driven AppleiPhone. RIM which owns Blackberry wasnot exceptionally worried bereason they saw the Apple iPhone as being geared towardsconsumers wbelow and also the Blackberry towards company customers as the physical keyboardwas simply also excellent and there was no means world will switch to a digitalkeyboard. This was in 2008 and within fiveyears, business users have actually ditched the Blackberry and reput it through the sleekeriPhone and other touchdisplay screen devices. Steve Jobs’ capability to envision a futuristicphone that was entirely unchoose anypoint we had actually seen reput the status quoof phones with physical keypads.

Blackberry and the iPhone

Einstein waswell known for making predictions about gravitational waves (“watched what could be”) inthe 1920s and also these were not observable till 2016. Steven Hawking never before won the Nobel Prize inPhysics because his concept that babsence holes are not after all, otherwise knownas “Hawqueens Radiation” takes progressed technology that yet has to exist to proveits presence. Which kind of understanding ismore valued then? According to the method which Nobel Prizes are awarded, breakthroughsare valued to the degree which they have the right to be verified which suggests that extraordinaryvisionaries that have the right to fathom possibilities far in the future (Stalso Hawking is almostabsolutely one) may not be adequately recognised in their life time.

Gravitational Waves

For topics likebackground which is basically backward looking in nature (well background is by definitiona research of previous events), might creative thinking and also additionally play function in its knowledgeproduction? Yes, it most definitely might and also revisionist background engeras the rearrangementsof different facts to posit new theories to the reasons of previous occasions.

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Many kind of attributesthe origins of the second people war to Hitler and also his international policy programhowever AJP Taylor puts forward a revisionist watch suggest that the systemicplan of at an early stage 20th century Europe and also a flawed Treaty of Versailleswould lead to an aggressive Germany type of regardless of whether Hitler was in location.