Ota server is not connected

QTP ALM/QC connection problem after upgrade

The good news: my firm ultimately upgraded last month from QC 10 to ALM 11. The not-so-good news is that since the upgrade, I"ve been managing numerous inquiries and also problems from QTP customers trying to attach to ALM11.

The 2 main problems are QTP hanging once trying to affix to ALM, or individuals continually obtaining “Access is denied” errors.

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Here are the measures I"ve been using to fix these issues:

Make certain that ‘Reattach to server on startup" is not selected

If a user has actually the “Reaffix to server on startup” schosen, QTP will certainly attempt to reaffix to the old ALM/QC server every time it"s started.

First, you should to make sure QTP does not attempt to reattach to the older ALM/QC circumstances, since it will attempt to automatically upday the QC add-in control, inevitably leading to variation disputes.

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To carry out this, go right into the mic.ini and make sure all the automatic logins worths are set to 0.

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Navigate to the catalog in which QuickTest Professionalin is installed.

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