Ost file cannot be accessed

I was trying to open up an OST file through my MS Outlook, however unfortunately, it was unable to open and an error ‘the file username.ost is in usage and cannot be accessed’ appeared on my display screen – a user has actually submitted this query on Microsoft forums.

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While opening an OST file through Outlook, many type of users regularly encounter the error “the file username.ost is in usage and also cannot be accessed.” This error typically occurs bereason the OST file you are trying to open up is currently in use by some other application. Also, as soon as users opt for the “Save and also Send” facility consisted of through Office applications, the very same error is observed.

Causage of This Error

Tright here are some factors that deserve to cause this error, such as:

Lack of synchronization in between the OST file and also the Exreadjust mailboxPoor internet connectionConflict of various other programs with Outlook applicationIf processes choose LYNC, UCMAPI.EXE, Office Communicator 2005/2007, and so on are running in the backgroundFixing the Error

The “the file username.ost is in use and cannot be accessed” error can be refixed conveniently if you have actually enough technical understanding of MS Outlook or Windows OS. Well, also if you carry out not have actually sufficient expertise, we have actually pointed out below the techniques to fix this error. As manual processes do not job-related eexceptionally time, we have said a secondary technique that can resolve this error.

Close MS Outlook and also All Related ApplicationsThe simplest technique to settle this error is to end and cshed all the MS Outlook applications, and then rebegin them. Also, make sure no Outlook application is running in the background. Follow the listed below procedures to end processes in the background:Press “Alt+Ctrl+Delete” on your mechanism and also choose “Task Manager”.A wizard will certainly show up on the display screen, click Processes, and look for applications choose “Outlook,” “Lync,” “Communicator,” or “UCMAPI”.Select the procedures one by one and click “End Task” to close the process in the background.


Now, rebegin the computer system and also open MS Outlook, you might not confront this error aobtain.

Disable Cached Exchange ModeCache Exadjust Setting allows individuals to occupational offline in Outlook. Temporarily disabling this feature can additionally fix this error. To disable “Cached Exreadjust Mode,” you deserve to follow the below steps;Go to “Control Panel” after closing all MS Outlook applications.Now click “Mail” choice in Control Panel, a brand-new wizard will certainly show up on the display.Select “Email Accounts” from the opened wizard and also then pick “Email”.Select the email that is linked to Outlook and then click “Change.Now, disable the “Cached Exadjust Mode,” and also push “Next>>Finish.

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Disabling the Cached Exadjust Mode might settle the error. However, if you’re still facing the very same error, then the only feasible solution to settle it is converting OST to PST, and also then access it using Outlook.

Kernel for OST Recoextremely The finest approach to settle this error is to repair the OST file and also convert it to a PST file via Kernel for OST Recoexceptionally. The progressed third-party tool fixes all kinds of Exadjust OST-connected errors and repairs highly corrupted and also damaged OST papers successfully. It is the best tool to recoup complete mailbox contents from orphaned and also ineasily accessible OST files and also conserve them to PST and even more file styles secudepend without transforming the original properties and metainformation. It moves recovered OST documents to Office 365, email servers, and web-based email clients broadly.

This tool offers some substantial attributes, such as:


Fix corruption issues of OST file and also make it accessibleRestore deleted Exreadjust Mailboxes from damaged OST filesRetrieve complete OST information including deleted itemsNo file dimension constraints for the OST recoveryPtestimonial entire data of OST file prior to conserving itConvert OST file to PST, DBX, MBOX, HTML, and PDF styles.

After converting the OST file to PST format, you can conveniently access the OST file items by means of MS Outlook. Using the exact same tool, you have the right to additionally solve other OST errors, such as fixing Outlook cannot synchronize subscribed folders.

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Wrap Up

MS Outlook is a extensively provided application that enables people and large-level organizations to take care of their mailbox items. So, dealing with these kinds of errors can be tricky and also complicated sometimes. But, making use of the above methods, you can quickly solve these errors. However, if you’re unable to resolve the problem via manual techniques, then you have the right to opt for Kernel for OST Recovery to repair the file and also accessibility its data.