Ost cannot be accessed

MS Outlook comes through a user-friendly interconfront and so has boosted its user base. But frequently, users comordinary that OST cannot be accessed. So we took this job upon us to discover approaches to aid all to fix this error in this blog.

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Why does the user rely on these OST files? Let us acquire to understand about it.

Why execute you use OST File?

Microsoft Outlook is an email application that deserve to conserve the file in the create of 2 extensions-.ost and also .pst. This OST file provides you the advantage that it is obtainable even in the instance of limited or much less Internet connectivity. You can also work offline in the OST file without having actually Internet relationships. OST format allows you accessibility the necessary information in the case of Exreadjust Server crash or Exadjust Server downtime. Hence, Offline OST papers can be provided as a backup file to gain back the information if the Exreadjust Server becomes inavailable. So, all these attributes make OST the many opted choice to save pieces of indevelopment.

What to do once you encounter “Microsoft Outlook OST cannot be accessed”?

If you enrespond to an error message pointing out Outlook OST file cannot be opened once you try to open up Outlook OST file. Then, you deserve to try to open up the OST file by making use of techniques such as – founding the Outlook OST file in Safe Mode, turning off Compatibility Mode, and so on. Still, if nopoint works out and the OST file refprovides to open up, this doesn’t mean that you can’t accessibility the OST file aacquire. Tbelow are miscellaneous determinants behind OST file corruption that are pointed out listed below.

But, often you might encounter Microsoft Outlook OST file cannot be opened up. So, what may have resulted in this, we have common it in the next topic.

Reasons behind why OST cannot be accessed?

Here are some of the reasons that you are obtaining trouble:

Virus or malware attack: Virus or malware attack is an additional factor behind the damages to the OST file. Hence, we recommfinish installing a reputable and trustworthy antivirus program in your device.

Power Failure: OST file corruption deserve to be the cause of sudden power faientice when the customers are functioning through the OST file.

Bad sectors existing on the hard drive: The existence of bad sectors on the difficult drive in the area your OST documents are stored could lead you to the inaccessibility of OST files.Synchronization problem: The synchronization trouble in between the OST file and Exchange server might also lead you to many OST errors. Hence, constantly check for a proper network-related link.

Abrupt termicountry of Outlook: If the Outlook application terminates conveniently, then the OST file might corrupt or end up being inavailable. Hence, to overcome such an issue, you need to close the Outlook as soon as you have completed your tasks.You have got the reason behind the Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. Now the concern is just how to conquer this difficulty. For that, let us obtain to know about the techniques that deserve to rescue you.

DIY Strategies to Troubleshoot “Microsoft OST cannot be accessed” Error:

End MS Outlook related procedures from Task Manager

For doing that, follow the offered steps:

Firstly, right-click on the taskbar or push Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open up Task Manager.After that, click the Processes (if you are making use of Win10 OS, click on the Details tab).In this step, search for one of the procedures such as Communicator, Lync, Outlook, or ucmapi. Once you find any of these processes, just select it and click End Task.

If still a Microsoft Outlook OST cannot be accessed, then attempt the next strategy.

Rekeep through SCANPST.EXE

You deserve to easily settle the OST file cannot be accessed via scanpst.exe. It is an inbuilt Outlook data document repair utility. Generally, it happens that the OST file does not open up as a result of corruption. In such a scenario, using Scanpst have the right to immediately solve OST file corruption.

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First thing is you Locate and Open the Scanpst.exe tool by complying with the below path:In Outlook 2016, 2019 if the OST file is not opening, then explore Scanpst.exe in the adhering to path:C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Office ootOffice 16For Outlook 2013 user if the OST file is not opening, then discover Scanpst.exe can in the following path:C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice 15In the instance of Outlook 2007 if the OST file is not opening, then search Scanpst.exe in the following path:C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice 12After that, click on the Browse option to select the corrupt OST file, and also click the Shave the right to switch.Lastly, click the Repair alternative to begin addressing the issue: OST cannot be opened up.

If you did not gain outcomes through the above method, then try the following techniques for readdressing the OST cannot be accessed trouble.

Disable the choice of MS Outlook Cached Exchange Mode.To disable the Outlook Cached Exadjust Mode:Begin by closing the MS Outlook applicationAfter that, go to the Control Panel, and select Mail.Here, you need to click Email Accounts.The next action is to go to the Email tab and also opt for the email address that mirrors the warning and also click on Change.Now, unexamine Use Cached Exchange Mode.The last action is to choose Next off, and also then Finish the job.

If this technique wasn’t able to settle cannot begin Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, then try the next approach.

Terminate Outlook add-ins

The add-ins we obtain with Outlook aid us to customize and modify Outlook experience. But, faulty add-ins have the right to cause trouble. So, use these measures to disable Outlook add-ins:

You need to start by trying to find the shortcut symbol for Outlook.After that, push and organize the CTRL vital and also double-click the application shortcut.Now, you need to click ‘Yes’ when a home window prompt asks if you desire to start the application in Safe Setting.

Restrictions we challenge through the Manual Methods:

Manual Methods call for assistance from a technological user. If that is not possible, then you should learn these approaches. So, you have the right to perdevelop them via precision. But, in case you perform not have the moment and patience to perdevelop these procedures, then you can fix the cannot start Microsoft Outlook OST cannot be accessed via the use of an alternate strategy.

Get to learn about it following for resolving the trouble permanently.

The hands-on Methods pose limitations as a result of which customers protect against using such methods. If the above methods cannot solve your trouble, then there might be some issues via your OST records that happen choose corruption concerns. Therefore, try OST Documents Recoextremely Tool by which you have the right to repair any type of damaged or corrupted OST file ago to the original self. But, these attributes are not limited to English documents, it also repairs non-English records. With this tool, obtain maximum and precise data via Outlook Encryption & Compression. Try all these features this day via OST File Recoincredibly v7.0.

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Due to uncertain causes, many kind of times Outlook OST cannot be accessed by an end-user. So, we have mutual hand-operated techniques to get rid of such problems. But these hands-on ways come through constraints of errors. Hence, we recommend you to use the OST Documents Recoincredibly tool and get earlier your helpful OST file information.