Optiplex 380 bios

This mammoth blog write-up around the Dell Optiplex 380 Mini Tower (MT) Computer, covers many type of topics and also consists of ‘just how to’ instructions.

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Warning: You follow any kind of ‘exactly how to’ instructions or actions stated in this blog write-up at your very own hazard.



The specs of a device I offered in mid-2018RAM I’ve usedXeon 771 CPUGraphics cards I’ve usedHow to adjust the boot orderUnable to access BIOS (Incompatible video controller)How to flash the Dell Optiplex 380 MT BIOSHow To Install Linux Mint from a USB memory stickLinux Mint 19 Tara XfceHow to increase the Xfce desktop font dimension once utilizing a Nvidia driverHow to Install Steam on Linux Mint XfceHow to install the Dell Optiplex 380 MT Windows 7 64-bit network-related driverF1 2015 with a E7500 2.93Mhz CPU and a Nvidia GT 710 graphics card in 2018Recheck out of the Dell Optiplex 380 MT computerHow To Add a Second SATA Hard Drive in a Dell Optiplex 380 Mini-Tower ComputerMini FAQJuly 2019 general thoughts and also update

Note: I originally created the draft for this blog short article in 2018. I’ve given that made additionally additions to the short article, which I mark with the month and also year.

IntroductionI purchased 2 Dell Optiplex 380 MT computers second-hand also through eBay in 2018. Neither of them came with difficult drives and only 2GB of RAM and also a Core 2 Duo EE7500 at 2.93GHz CPU in each machine. In enhancement, the eBay seller had installed an awful graphics card in each machine.


Graphics cards I’ve used

Nvidia GeForce GT 710 2GB DDR5 RAMNvidia GeForce 8400 GS (I think it was modified to fit, however not sure)

Incompatible video controller. Vesa duty 0x4f02 returned AX = 14f

This developed on both my computers once I had actually a graphics card set up in the PCIe slot and I was making use of bios version A01. The solution wregarding remove the card, and connect directly to the VGA graphics gave by the motherboard.

This allowed me to accessibility the BIOS and after that I remounted my graphics card. However later on I updated the bios to version A07 and now I deserve to accessibility the bios configuration through a graphics card mounted.

How to the flash Dell Optiplex 380 MT BIOS

This motherboard in my two Dell Optiplex 380 MT computers is a version 0HN7XN via a G41 chipcollection. The screenswarm was taken once I was running the A01 bios version and also I had the ability to upgrade both to A07 utilizing the instructions listed below.

Copy the bios application to the memory stick (for convenience I renamed it).
When triggered, push any type of essential to replace the BIOS.If you wish to continue, confirm you want to replace the BIOS.

* If you’ve not configured the BIOS to boot to the USB memory stick, you have the right to press the F12 key-board switch at boot to choose the USB alternative.

Both my computer systems were running the A01 BIOS and also usually I don’t upgrade a BIOS unless I really have to, however I chose to relocate to variation A07.

Linux Mint 19 Tara Xfce on the Dell Optiplex 380 MTI wanted to attempt my favourite Linux OS on the 380. To help through performance I opted to use the Xfce desktop computer atmosphere. I installed Broforce using Steam and also appreciated playing two player regional co-op.

How To Install Linux Mint 19 Tara from a USB memory stick

Warning: All data will be deleted on the USB memory stick.

Insert a memory stick into your computer.From Rufus pick the option ‘Disk or ISO image’ from ‘Boot selection’.Select your linux iso image.Click ‘start’ once all set.
Choose ‘Write in ISO photo mode’ and also pick ‘OK’.

How to Install Steam on Linux Mint Xfce (valid in 2018)

Open a terminal home window.Type superform apt-acquire update and also push enter.Type suexecute apt-get install steam and also press enter.Agree to the downfill.From the menu, run Steam from the Gamings section.

Unfortunately I uncovered the desktop font size also small, but this was conveniently resolved. The dpi wasn’t correct for my output from a Nvidia graphics card to a television.

How to increase the Xfce desktop font dimension once utilizing a Nvidia driver (valid in 2018)

I opened up NVIDIA X Server Setups via the ‘System’ menu.Under the ‘X Server Display Configuration’ I clicked ‘Save to X Configuration File’.I then typed superform xed /etc/X11/xorg.conf and also gotten in my password.Under the monitor section I disabled an alternative and set a DPI as can be viewed in the screenshot listed below.

Select ‘Update Driver…’.

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Browse to the folder area for the driver and then choose ‘Next’.

You hopefully should currently view the network-related gadget detailed in ‘Device Manager’.


Dell Optiplex 380 Mini Tower Computer Sata Ports

Wbelow to place the drive?In the 380 I was utilizing, tbelow were two available power cables for the SATA tough drive, one dangling just below the CD/DVD drive and the other listed below the old mechanical drive.


Upper Bays in a Dell Optiplex 380 Mini Tower Computer. The arrowhead points to wbelow I fitted a SSD.

Update July 2019 – In another 380 MT computer, I had the ability to fit an old mechanical SATA difficult drive into the little bay listed below the 5.25″ bay.

Please note: Aobtain I’m not saying you location a tough drive in this little bay! I’m just informing you what I did.


Sata Hard Drive in a Dell Optiplex 380 Mini Tower Computer

Update July 2019 – I own 2 380 MT computers and in among the PCs I have actually now purchased an additional caddy and inserted a second mechanical tough drive in the low bay area.

Configure the BIOS

Boot into the BIOS by pressing F2 at begin up.From the menu, choose ‘Drives’, and also then the sub-food selection ‘Drives’.Place a tick in the SATA-2 box, then select ‘Apply’.Select ‘Exit’.

How to setup a brand-new hard drive in Windows 10Depending on the difficult drive you’re using and how you desire to usage it, you might need to connumber the difficult drive within, your operating mechanism, such as in Windows 10.

Below is an example (composed in 2018) of initialising a tough drive that hasn’t been setup through partitions.

Right-click the Windows symbol and also select ‘Disk Management’.When prompted through the ‘Initialize Disk’, option, select ‘OK’.In the bottom area of the screen, select the new difficult drive, right-click and choose ‘New Simple Volume…’.Click ‘Next’ on the first screen of the ‘New Simple Volume Wizard’.Set the size you wish to usage,Choose the partition type, name and whether to quick format.

Want to clone your old difficult drive?If you’re cloning an old mechanical tough drive, to relocation it with a SSD, you have to review my instructions here.

Misc difficult disk thoughtsThe old 380 MT is an okay computer system, yet I don’t choose the blue caddy instance or the reality tright here are just three SATA ports. Anymethod, the computer system is now booting through a solid state drive. Next project… replacing the Dell 380 CPU.

Mini FAQ

Q. What graphics card have the right to I usage in a Dell Optiplex 380 MT?A. All I have the right to compose about is those cards I’ve used and so far that are the Nvidia 8400 GS and GT 710 cards. However the warm sink on the 8400 GS I used had been modified to enable it to slot right into area. The GT 710 is substantially smaller and also easily fit. I don’t recommend making use of a 8400 GS in 2019 and beyond.

Q, What is the PSU wattage in a Dell Optiplex 380 MT?A. The wattage on the PSU provided with both my computers is a 255W PSU. I discovered this wattage sufficient to run a Nvidia 8400 GS or GT 710 graphics card, accompanied by a SATA hard drive.

Q. What graphics card is suitable for light gaming with the stock PSU?A. My girlfriend’s Optiplex 380 MT supplies the 255W PSU with a Nvidia GT-710 and also plays games such as Company of Heroes, Red Alert 3 and also Terraria.

Q. How many kind of SATA ports are on the motherboard?A. Unfortunately tright here are only three SATA ports on the motherboard.

Q. What is the CPU socket type?A. The socket form is a 775.

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July 2019 Thoughts and basic update

My girlfriend and also I are still making use of the Dell Optiplex 380 MT computer systems. One of the computers currently has actually a Core 2 Quad 9400 CPU and is being supplied as a major computer. The other 380 COMPUTER still has a Core 2 Duo E7500 CPU and also is being provided as testbed COMPUTER. I choose the reality that the RAM is DDR3 and the only point I don’t choose currently, is that there are just three SATA ports and not 4 on the motherboard. Below is a photo of the testbed COMPUTER just before I fitted a third tough drive and also dislinked the DVD drive.