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.scr Exstress - List of programs that deserve to open .scr files
In the following table, you have the right to discover a list of programs that can open up files with .scr expansion.This list is developed by collecting indevelopment reported by customers through the "send report" alternative of FileTypesMan utility.The product name, summary, and also firm name are taken from the variation indevelopment of the .exe file.The "Actions" list is taken from the conmessage food selection items added to Explorer by the specified program.The "Popularity" column screens one of the following 4 values: Low, Medium, High, and Very High, which is figured out according to the variety of customers that sent the specified document.

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EXE NameProduct NameDescriptionCompanyActionsPopularity%1
Configure, TestVery High
DEPENDS.EXEDependency WalkerDependency Walker for Win32 (Intel x86)Microsoft CorporationView DependenciesLow
desk.cplMicrosoft? Windows? Operating SystemDeskoptimal Control PanelMicrosoft CorporationInstallLow
desk.cplSystemsteuerung - DesktopMicrosoft CorporationInstallierenVery High
desk.cplDeskpeak Control PanelMicrosoft CorporationInstallVery High
desk.cplMicrosoft(R) Windows (R) 2000 Operating SystemDeskheight Control PanelMicrosoft CorporationInstallLow
desk.cplMicrosoft(R) Windows NT(R) Operating SystemControl Panel DLLMicrosoft CorporationInstallLow
desk.cplOnderdeel Bureaubladinstellingen van het ConfiguratieschermMicrosoft CorporationInstallLow
desk.cplPanel de manage del EscritorioMicrosoft CorporationInstalarMedium
desk.cplAplet Ustawienia pulpitu w Panelu sterowaniaMicrosoft CorporationInstallHigh
notepad.exeNotepadMicrosoft CorporationopenHigh
notepad.exeBloco de notasMicrosoft CorporationopenLow
notepad.exeEditorMicrosoft CorporationopenLow
NOTEPADVERTISEMENT.EXEBloc de notasMicrosoft CorporationTestLow
pec2.exePECompact consingle mode applicationPECompact console mode applicationBitamount TechnologiesCompress through PECompact (console)Low
pec2gui.exePECompactPECompact GUIBitsum TechnologiesCompush via PECompact (GUI)Low
ptraveler.exePE ExplorerPE ExplorerHeaventools SoftwareOpen with PE ExplorerMedium
Pic2Ico.exeExtract iconLow
RDG Packer Detector v0.7.5.exeRDG Packer Detector v0.7.5RDG Packer Detector 2015RDG Packer DetectorLow
recoilwin.exeRECOILRECOILWinPiotr Fusik and Adrian MatogaopenLow
Resourcer.exeAnolisAnolis Resourcer ProgramOpen via Anolis ResourcerLow
restuner.exeReresource TunerReresource TunerHeavendevices SoftwareOpen with Resource TunerLow
RunWithParms.exeRunWithParmsFoolish ITRun with ParametersLow
SubtitleWorkshop.exeOpen through Subtitle WorkshopLow
ZXPaintbrush.exeZX-PaintbrushZX-PaintbrushOmikroN SoftwareOpen with ZX-PaintbrushLow
In the following table, you deserve to discover a list of file forms information that is connected with .scr

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Type NameDescriptionPerceived TypeContentTypeDLL/EXE FileDLL/EXE DetailsPopularity
AutoCADScriptFileAutoCAD-Skriptacadficn.dllacadficn, Autodesk, Inc.

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AutoCADScriptFileAutoCAD Scriptacadficn.dllacadficn, Autodesk, Inc.High
DWGTrueViewScriptFileDWG TrueView ScriptLow
SageThumbsImage.scrSun Rasterfileimageimage/scrimageres.dllWindows Image Reresource, Microsoft CorporationMedium
scrfileProtector de pantallaLow
scrfileWygaszacz ekranuLow
scrfileDisplay SaverVery High
ZX-Paintbrush.ScreenZX-Spectrum screen fileLow
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