Open multiple instances of windows media player

I want to usage WMP to listen to music, yet at the same time I"m sorting out some videos and so on that I desire to easily ptestimonial in WMP. Is it possible to open another "instance" of WMP without cutting off my music?

More details: Using Windows 7 and also WMP 12


Need to understand what OS, however I believe that you deserve to do this by running the "background" circumstances with "run as various user" on XP and also up. Select the music and play.

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Next off, double click and also open up whatever videos you want usually, the brand-new circumstances need to open up in your user. If it tries opening via the first instance then perform the same - appropriate click, execute "run as various user" and also choose your own.

If however this does not occupational, I highly recommfinish you look at VLC, I use it for opening multiple videos at as soon as in order to compare them, with one establishing, it has actually no trouble in opening up as many kind of copies as you desire.


Run Multiple Instances of Windows Media Player

Is this multiple enough? :)


Now, this is just WMP 9 on Windows XP but I"m particular this will occupational through WMP 12 on Windows 7 also (unmuch less you"re making use of 64-little Windows, that is).

How is it done? walk in the park, install Sandboxie and also run multiple instances of pretty a lot anypoint you want.

Sandboxie is free and works via all 32-little bit versions of Windows. however, if you desire to develop multiple containers, you"ll need to register the software program, in rerevolve you"ll gain lifetime upqualities and you might install Sandboxie through your registration code on any type of computer you own.

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No, that"s not feasible. The easiest method to go about this would certainly be to use another media player for the videos, as much of a hassle as that is.

Or simply switch to a various media player entirely. ;)


Funnily enough, I randomly uncovered you have the right to carry out what I wanted to execute in Windows 7 using Windows Explorer and also the integrated Windows Media Player assistance for the "Preview" pane. The media player in the ptestimonial pane is extremely clunky however, yes, you deserve to pick some music, hit play and fill various other things in another Media Player home window.

Still not really a great solution though, bereason the preview pane WMP isn"t very finish.



I think its feasible if your running Windows Xp try this (I"m running windows 7 so no actual means to check)



A bit late in the game I know, yet I came across this in a Google search. So, for anyone else looking for an answer, right here is a patch for Windows 7 (x86/x64) / WMP12 to run it multiple times: http://www.lukepaynesoftware

Not really supported, obviously, but your alternatives for second instances are:

mplayer2.exe (on pre-Vista units, offers WMP"s networking)
Two straightforward alternatives that need hardly any kind of user treatment.

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This is media player classic, basically ongoing third party assistance for the classic video player. They have both 32 and 64 little bit versions for win7 or vista. I loaded it and clicked on two various video files and also they both opened in their own window. Both files played at the exact same time as well. I have Windows 7 ult 64 and also was annoyed at the lack of ability of the developed in player. You would think that would be a given considering a lot of computers now May 2010 are dual core or much better.

VLC - have this as well however using the brand-new media classical considering that its 64 little bit.
You haven"t been far sufficient...Play some music via WMP12.Then open explorer via the preview pane... Ptestimonial a video clip or some music and also view that switch next to the play switch in the preview pane? Hit it and what a miracle a 2nd WMP12 open up ;)

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