You'll should open up chests at 3 various spy bases to complete among Fortnite's Storm the Agency challenges; here's wbelow to go and what to execute.

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Fortnite"s Storm the Agency challenges are now live alongside the game"s 12.61 upday, providing you a couple of even more jobs to complete prior to the upcoming Doomsday event sets the phase for Season 3 of the famous fight royale shooter. One of the trickier obstacles asks you to open up a faction locked chest at three different spy bases. If you"re having actually trouble hunting those dvery own, this guide will certainly show you where the spy bases are located and how to complete the obstacle.

Where Are The Spy Base Locations?

Much favor the safe residences you must visit for a sepaprice Storm the Agency difficulty, spy bases have actually been a fixture of the map because the start of Seachild 2. These are a little even more overt than the safe dwellings, however; while those are disguised to look choose continual buildings, the spy bases are all named places, so they"re a lot less complicated to track down. We"ve noted down wbelow a few of the chests at these bases are situated below:

The Grotto

Factivity chest in The Rig

On the second floor of the northwest building.

The Yacht

Factivity chest in The Yacht

In the much edge of the lowest floor.

How To Complete The Challenge

Each spy base attributes a handful of factivity locked chests, yet to finish this difficulty, you"ll must open up one at 3 different bases, so you can"t just hang approximately one area. You also can not open the chests favor normal; you"ll first must hop right into a phone booth and disguise yourself, which will then allow you to unlock them.

Fortunately, each spy bases is situated extremely cshed to a phone booth, so when you understand wbelow the chests are located, you shouldn"t have much trouble completing the obstacle. Open a chest at three different spy bases at you"ll earn a unique Steel Shadow pickaxe.

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We"re easily approaching the finish of Fortnite Chapter 2 Seaboy 2. Season 3 of the game is scheducaused begin on June 11, which indicates tright here are just a few days left to finish any kind of weekly challenges you might have actually missed from previously in the seakid. If you need help finishing up any type of of those, you can find all of our maps and guides in our Fortnite Seachild 2 obstacles roundup.