Onenote search not working

I'm trying to get even more right into One Keep in mind, yet I'm facing a trouble that drives me crazy. I want to use the Windows Churts Search to uncover certain notebook pages in One Keep in mind, but it won't yield any type of results. I have actually One Keep in mind and the Folders indexed, also rebuild a pair of times, however nopoint seems to occupational for me. The search function in One Note is undamaged, however when making use of home windows search I'm out of luck (Windows Search Works for various other Office files like Word, it's just One Note resulting in trouble).

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Any Ideas?

I'm utilizing OneKeep in mind 2016 on a Surconfront Pro 4 (Windows 10).

Thanks in Advance



Is the neighborhood Onenote backup cache folder indexed? I think the default location is c:usersusernameappdatalocalmicrosoftonenote.

I sync via onedrive yet as soon as I look at the OneKeep in mind files in that folder they look prefer single shortreduced documents (that present as 1kb but then present 300mb once I look at properties??). Actual OneKeep in mind notebooks have a sepaprice file for each page area which I assume is what windows search supplies for indexing. Since the OneDrive placeholder (accidentally made a sad joke there!) is only one file apparently your search demands to include the locally synced cached files wright here the actual data is synced to. If you look in onenote>settings>save&backup it need to show you wbelow that is.

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Though I must include that I've never before watched windows search NOT retrieve my OneNote contents. But I've never before had to direct it to that cache file location either so maybe I'm dead wrong on wright here windows search is obtaining the index.

Thanks for the Reply. I checked and it appears that Search Index excludes APPDATA for some reason. I'll examine later on if I have the right to settle this, considering that it will certainly probably be the cause of my difficulty. I'm brief on time right currently and also didn't uncover a resolve in 10 minutes, yet I'll keep you up day if it operated.

In my endure, search in OneKeep in mind for Windows hardly ever functions, specifically when looking ALL notepublications. I have the right to put the Windows version and also the Mac versions of OneKeep in mind side by side, doing precisely the exact same search against the same notepublications. The Mac variation returns some results -- and the Windows variation retransforms nothing.

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