We know from answering the intersee question tell me around yourself that attempting to describe your personality in a graduate project interwatch deserve to be tricky - and this is particularly true as soon as you are limited to just a few words.

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It might seem simple, yet the 3 words you select to define yourself can disclose a lot to a graduate employer about your personality, functioning style and priorities; so it is important to prepare your answer beforehand also.

Read on to discover the factors why employers ask this job interwatch question, and also to brush up on your 'define yourself in 3 words' best answers. When you are completely up-to-scratch on exactly how to answer this widespread graduate intercheck out question, examine out our finish overview to Intersee Questions-or discover out what graduate work we have live on our site.

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Why do employers ask you to define yourself in 3 words?

1. To uncover out exactly how you think

Potential employers will be interested to find out how your mind functions, and also therefore which 3 words you choose to describe yourself when put on the spot. Unlike the question 'tell me around yourself' being asked to describe yourself using a limited variety of words will need you to intricate on your answer much much less.

However before, the 3 words you pick to define yourself will certainly help the employer obtain a feeling of what you think are the a lot of essential characteristics (i.e. might indicate that you are business-minded, a people perchild, or a team player).

The 3 words you pick to define yourself will certainly assist the employer or hiring manager better understand the means that you think, and also acquire understanding right into what you check out as the many necessary qualities in an employee.

2. To check out whether you would certainly be a great culture fit

Graduate employers will be keen to find out whether the attributes you describe align through their team and also general agency culture.

The adjectives you pick to define yourself will give them a great insight right into your functioning style; helping them decide whether you would certainly be the ideal fit for the duty and also the firm.

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3. To uncover out your best qualities

Naturally, the 3 words you pick to define yourself to a graduate employer will certainly reflect what you believe to be your best characteristics or qualities.

The employer will certainly desire you to usage this chance to show off your leading features, and also those which will certainly set you apart from other candidates.

When you are deciding how to explain yourself in an intersee, the 3 words you choose will certainly likewise suggest whether you understand also the role; and also must display that you have researched the employer, the team, the company, and also what they are searching for.

Describe yourself in 3 words ideal answers

When you are preparing for a graduate project interview and deciding exactly how to define yourself in an intersee, attempt to choose words that are positive, expert, and easy-to-understand.

You will want to choose the words that explain your personality, working style and priorities in the extremely ideal light; and it deserve to be tempting to pick out-of-the-box adjectives that will make you stand out from other candidates interviewing for the duty.

It is normally better, though, to stick to words that are unfacility, unpretentious, and also that will certainly present you as a well-rounded skilled that will certainly add worth to their company.

Here are some excellent examples that will assist to increase your employability and also improve your chances of task interview success:

List of words to describe yourself in an interview

When planning your answer to explain yourself in 3 words, it is a good principle to pick more than 3 words so that you can ensure you are completely prepared in the interwatch. Try to pick 5 or 6 feasible answers, so that then in the interview you can choose the 3 ideal answers and most pertinent attributes for the job you're applying for.

Analyst / Tech

- Organised- Focused- Analytical- Problem-solver- Methodical- Thorough- Observant- Hard-Working- High-achieving

Technology & Digital Jobs

Client Facing

- Outgoing- Approachable- Friendly- Caring- Thoughtful- Sociable- Down-to-Earth- Trustworthy- Positive

Property &Retail Jobs

"Describe yourself in 3 words" - what to avoid!

- Choosing words that are unexpert or irrelevant

You may think that your best quality is your ability to sleep for 12 hrs a night, or your singing talents, or your sporting knowledge; but none of these will certainly execute a lot to impush a graduate employer. When deciding just how to define yourself in an interview, stick to words you know are at leastern somewhat pertinent to the role and also the agency, and as is the instance through any intercheck out question, remajor expert at all times.

- Picking abilities just bereason you think they are desirable

Equally, it is tempting to select words prefer 'perfectionist', 'self-manager' or 'relentless' simply because that's what you think the employer will certainly desire to hear. This isn't true; if they can't tell you're lying in the intersee, they certainly will if you perform finish up gaining a project at their firm.

- Being too modest

You're being asked to explain yourself in just 3 words; don’t be as well humble! A graduate job interwatch is your time to humblebrag - so leave adjectives prefer 'nice', 'sensitive'or 'curious'at the door. When you're preparing just how to explain yourself in an intercheck out, think about your best qualities, and also remember to explain how they deserve to include worth to their agency.

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