When you’re in the market to construct a custom residence, you’ll have many kind of selections to make. One of these choices is whether to develop a 1, 1.5, or 2 story house.

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It’s essential to weigh your choices and think about your future needs. The following will certainly give you some indevelopment to take into consideration once creating your residence.

1 Story Homes

A 1 story home is a great alternative for many kind of factors. Due to the fact that your residence is entirely situated on one floor, these houses are less complicated to navigate. You stop having actually to climb up and dvery own stairs constantly which can be a advantage, especially asyou age. One floor dwellings are likewise less complicated to maintain. Hauling cleaning supplies up anddown stairs can be tedious, let alone cleaning the stairs themselves. When you have a 1 story home, tbelow is less area to maintain and also clean on a weekly basis.

One story living deserve to be safer for you and your household as well. If a fire occurs in your home, your family will be able to evacuate much faster and easier. Without stairs and multiple levels to navigate, you’re more apt to get everyone out safely. While it can be hard to think around a fire in your home, this should at least offer you tranquility of mind should the situation ever aclimb.

With all your living room on one floor you’ll have actually an easier to keep and also live-in home. One story homes are dwellings that you can live in through all the steras of your life. If you’re interested in seeing a floor plan for a 1 story house, take a look at our one story models, consisting of our Laura Model. This version is a 1 story home through 1 bedroom and also 1.5 toilets. It attributes an open floor plan and an attached 3 automobile garage.

1.5 Story Homes

What’s a 1.5 story home? A 1.5 story house is a 1 story house through a partial second floor added to permit for even more room. A 1.5 story residence can be a great way to “fulfill in the middle” and acquire the ideal of both worlds. If you’re trying to find a house you can live in for many kind of years, the 1st floor master bedroom still allows you to execute that in a 1.5 story house.

One of the ideal parts of having a one and also a half story house is the better ceilings in first floor widespread rooms. Not only will certainly you gain the additional space that high ceilings administer, yet you’ll additionally have the ability to gain the views from a second story balcony.

Because of the grasp bedroom’s area on your 1st floor you’re gaining some of the benefits of one story living, via the included bonus of even more space. A great means to get a visual on what 1.5 story dwellings look like is by exploring our Alexandra design. This model is a 1.5 story house with 5 bedrooms and also 4.5 toilets. It features a big open kitchen/good room and also a first floor grasp bedroom through a huge walk-in clocollection.

2 Story Homes

You can develop a big house via plenty of room for your family members and also guests via floor plans like the Amber version. This model is a 2 story house with 4 bedrooms and also 4 bathrooms. It features a 4 auto attached garage and also a huge walk-in closet in the master bedroom and also a walk-in pantry. Two-story houses often make their owners feel choose they have more privacy because all bedrooms are located on the 2nd floor. There’s a clear divide in between your living and also hosting spaces from your bedrooms.


If you have young children, a two story residence have the right to additionally be a large plus. There’s more space for your household and having a 2nd floor makes it so that everyone deserve to have actually their own personal room without breaking the financial institution.

These homes are the many cost-efficient floor setup because of the truth that they need much less structure and also much less roofing. When building you’ll be able to conserve money on structural items and spfinish more on even more decorative or custom home items. If you design your home through 2 floors, you’re sure to gain the benefits in both expense and way of life.

Which Floorsetup Is Right For You?

Whether you decide to construct your tradition Costa Home as a 1 , 1.5, or 2 story home, you’ll love the results. We’ve constructed our reputation on quality and customer satisfaction.

Tbelow are a number of models of each floor arrangement to pick from. At Costa, we have the expert staff to help you make the selection that is going to best satisfy your demands. Or, we have the right to assist you architecture a fully tradition floorplan to fit your family’s needs.

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Call or sheight by our showroom to view all the choices available to you. We’ll give you everything you need to make your dream a reality.