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I usage the following:

"It is the various other way about Michelle. What happens is .....(my opinion that contradicts yours)".



Because a phrase is asked for, not a single word, I would certainly imply "or, it could be the complete opposite". This is extremely equivalent to "on the other hand" however even more excessive.


Perhaps on the various other side of the coin (or on the flip side of the coin)

a various and also usually opposite view of a situation that you have previously talked about The various other side of the coin is that fewer working hours indicates much less pay


"Conversely" is nice and also concise... and it sums up the what you desire to say in one word, (though I appreciate you are asking for a phrase).

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Here"s its definition and a contextual example:


I found a latin expression for day-to-day usage in jiyuushikan.org, that acts LIKE a synonym for conversely: "mutatis mutandis", but its meaning as "the alters have actually been made" calls for subtle usage:

Example: The men"s changing rooms deserve to, mutatis mutandis, be supplied by the womales.

It can be taken as interpretation "acknowledging the difference in between the two" or (more succinctly) as "acknowledging differences". (Wikipedia)

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