If you review "13 Reasons Why" by Jay Asher, there"s no doubt you were totally excited for the Netflix series. Even though Netflix did a great job adapting the novel, there are definite distinctions in between the two. Which variation carry out you favor better?

Here are the 10 biggest differences we saw between the two.

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The Monet"s crew in the book always shelp "olly olly oxen free" to each other as a kind of distinct bond. In the display, they readjust it to "FML." This is more than likely just to make the present seem more as much as day than the novel.

Social media is not really stated in the book, as gossip spreads the old fashioned way - through word of mouth. In the display, however, the characters all use text messaging and assorted creates of social media. This is more than likely because the book was written in 2007, and also the display wanted to be more modern and actual to today"s life.

Hannah"s parents bacount appear in the book, yet in the show, they have actually pursue a lawsuit versus the school for bullying gone unpunished. 

In the book, Clay keeps the tapes to himself and doesn"t comment on it via many type of human being. The show was exceptionally various in this feeling, because all personalities on the tapes were adamant to obtain Clay to sheight listening. They all wanted to cover their poor deeds that gained them on the tapes.

In the book, Tony does not understand Clay has actually the tapes until the fourth one, once he catches Clay stealing his walkman. In the display, yet, Tony complies with Clay exceptionally carefully given that the first episode.

In the book, Sheri"s stop sign crash ends up killing a stranger, however in the show, Clay"s great frifinish Jeff is the one that is eliminated. This was terrible to viewers bereason he was such a supportive frifinish to the protagonist. 

In the present, Alex shoots himself in the head and also is left in important condition. Namong this happened in the book. Viewers speculate this was consisted of to have actually a 2nd season about his character"s life and also death, choose Hannah"s in the initially season.

In the book, Hannah and Clay"s friendship was pretty one sided, through Clay wanting to obtain to understand her better but being as well shy to. In the present, the two seemingly have actually crushes on each various other, however never before actually perform anything about it.

In the book, Clay states Hannah eliminated herself by taking uncalled pills, however in the present, tright here is a graphic scene in which Hannah slits her wrist in a bathtub. There is a warning before the episode so viewers are aware of the upestablishing part to come.

In the book, Clay listens to all the tapes in one night, yet in the show, he takes the entire series. Tony at one allude tells him he"s the slowest listener of those who were given tapes.

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