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George Frideric Handel 1685 - 1759
- 1744 - Opera seria
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Juno, queen of the gods as well as goddess of marital relationship, and her attendant messenger, Iris, enter. Iris tells Juno around the "new-erected palace" that Jupiter has actually offered for Semele on Mount Cithaeron (Tright here, from mortal cares retiring). Juno is incensed at her husband"s brand-new love and swears an oath of vengeance, not just on Semele yet on all "Agenor"s curst race" (Jupiter"s previous love had been Europa, daughter of the Phoenician king Agenor and also aunt to Semele). Iris advises Juno of the dragons that defend Semele"s palace; Juno determines to speak to on Somnus, god of sleep, who have the right to seal the "wakeful dragons" eyes" (Hence, Iris, thus away).An apartment in the royal residence of Semele; she is resting, Loves and also Zephyrs waiting.Semele, waking, calls on sleep to rerotate and also gain back her erotic "visionary joys" (Oh sleep, why dost thou leave me?). Jupiter, in huguy develop, enters and reassures her (Lay your doubts and also fears aside); she responds amorously (With fond desiring). All sing of the pains and joys of love (How engaging, how endearing).But Jupiter detects a details discontent in Semele, which she explains as the consequence of her mortal state in a people of deities. He is disturbed at her dangerous aspirations to immortality (I have to via rate amusage her). All sing in praise of Cupid (Now Love, that everlasting boy). As a distraction for Semele, Jupiter dispatches his winged Zephyrs to fetch Ino, her sister, from Thebes and also lug her as a companion.

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He then turns the scene right into Arcadia and also celebprices rural delights (Where"er you walk).Ino arrives and also explains to Semele her unexplained journey and also the sweet music she heard (But hark! The heav"nly sphere turns round); the sisters, then everyone, praise the joys of music (Bmuch less the glad earth via heav"nly lays!).