Office password genius

This well-known Office password recovery software is designed for individuals to recover forgotten password for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Access record.

Recover Office 97-2019 and also Office 365 password without data damage or shed. Support NVIDIA Cuda, AMD OpenCL, and also Intel lSSE3/SSE4/AVX acceleration. Provide 4 reliable password recoextremely approaches (Normal, Mask, Dictionary, Smart). 99.9% recoexceptionally price.

Retrieve the foracquired password for Office(Word, Excel, PPT, Access and Outlook) 97/2000/2003/2007 /2010/2013/2016/2019 record.

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What is GPU acceleration?

GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) is the processor unit that specializes in dealing graphics operations in the graphics card. The incorporated computer capabilities of GPU in middle & high-end graphics cards are dozens or numerous times more effective than that of CPU in the simple computer. By making complete usage of effective computing capabilities in the NVIDIA CUDA and also AMD OpenGL modern technology, we emerged our password recoexceptionally acceleration modern technology. After years of initiative, our software program developing designers have taken complete benefit of GPU performance to realize that its password recoextremely rate is even more than dozens or numerous times than equally priced CPU.

What is Smart Recoincredibly Algorithm.

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According to the information evaluation, we classify the personalities into a number of categories: Group A: it is exceptionally likely to uncover the password there. Category B: Perhaps the password is in it. Classification C: The possibility of the password in it is very low.In Smart Recoextremely Algorithm, it will procedure firstly Group A, later Group B and also finally Group C. For instance, if the strings in the dictionary comes via the routine contain the password, the Smart Recoextremely Algorithm will try to find the password in the dictionary at first and also then try other strings. Thus, for finding typically offered passwords, the Smart Recoexceptionally Algorithm will certainly be much quicker than Typical method. The password that expenses a couple of days to discover in Regular strategy may be uncovered in a few hours by making use of Smart Recovery Algorithm.




Password Genius Advanced

Recover forgotten password for Windows, Office(Word, Excel, PPT, Outlook, Access), PDF, RAR, ZIP.

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Find Out More is dedicated to giving the ideal organization for Windows, Mac, Android individuals who are in demand also for password recovery and data recovery.