Office 365 install location

Microsoft have actually adjusted the area for OEM Office 365 install and will certainly be default via the new Windows 10 Control Panel UI. See below:

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This means that if you don"t view the Office install under control panel/Programs and also Features, you will certainly need to go to Settings, Apps, Apps & Features and also then search for Office. 


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In typical Microsoft fashion, they changed my capability to usage Control Panel to watch **MY** set up programs, 39 of them per nice concise display screen, and just show me EIGHT programs on the first display screen and also then 15 per display screen after that with the Settings > Apps > Apps & Features method. It"s the very same BS as the Start Menu through huge symbols, useless gaps, Stupid letters A, B, C, separating the list when I currently deserve to check out those at the begin of the items" names, and so on It"s an excellent thing that Start10 and also ClassicCovering exist, or I"d still be making use of Win 7...I deserve to see 20 items in the room the Victory 10 menu shows 12.In Control Panel > Programs and Features, I have the right to view eincredibly regimen that has actually been added to the base Win 10 installation For instance, Cryptolocker Prevention is #11 in the list, while in Setups > Apps > Apps & Features, it"s 2sixth in the list; FileZilla is 12th vs. 24th, and so on, because I currently need to wade via Microsoft"s consisted of CRAP that I do not usage.Gregg

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