Of these 4 words, which one is the majority of most likely to have an adverse flavor or connotation? a. confusage b. distract c. harangue d. meander

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The only word out of these four which has an obvious negative connotation is C) harangue. That word means to lecture somebody in an aggressive manner, which is negative.The other words have neutral connotation. 
A). Harangue.


Connotation is exemplified as the implied or suggested interpretation that elicits a specific concept or feeling acomponent from its literal or explicit interpretation. It assists the readers to associate themselves to the context of the content being presented to understand it more comprehensively.

As per the question, the word "harangue" is most most likely to have an unfavorable connotation as it implies the "tirade, harsh scolding or rant speech" that invokes aggressive and captious feelings of the readers while the other words display screen a neutral inference. Therefore, option A is the correct answer.

A connotation refers to your personal feelings and emotions towards a certain word. It have the right to be positive (once it evokes positive feelings), negative (once you feel negative emotions), or neutral (as soon as the word doesn"t really evoke any feelings). Here, the word through the many negative flavor or connotation is C. harangue, because it describes aggressive and also instrumental speech, whereas the various other words are pretty neutral.
D. Harangue is likely to have a negative connotation, as it is basically a really angry speech, or lecture, equivalent to one provided after a boy breaks a preeminence.
First,let us specify each word via their dictionary definitions: 

Confuseis making a perchild not specific or unable to understand also onto somepoint.Meanderis a ‘winding route or course’ (e.g. a river or a road)Harangueis a speech which is forceful or angryDistractis bring about someone ‘to stop reasoning about or paying attention’ onto somethingor someone 

Withthe words and also their interpretation, the word that is many most likely to have actually a negativeflavor or connotation is letter C: Harangue.

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Of these four words, the one which is the majority of most likely to have an unfavorable flavor or connotation is d)meander. To confuse is the state of being bewildered or unclear in one"s mind about something. To distract is to the divided attention of an individual or a team away from the designated object on which the focus need to be put on. A harangue is a lengthy speech yielded in front of an audience. To meander is to walk around aimlessly without a addressed direction which contains a negative flavor or connotation.

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