Odin stuck on setup connection

You may need to install firmware for your Samsung Galaxy gadgets for a range of factors. It could be as easy as you trying to update your tool to a more recent develop or Android version, or it might be that you are looking to fix a soft-bricked device manually as firmware helps a lot when looking for a means to unbrick a device.

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Please read in more details below as to how a firmware helps you deal with various forms of issues. And that has downgrade as well, as additionally going back to stock.


One firmware file? If you obtained just one firmware file after extracting the zip, it’s okay also. It would certainly begin via AP and has to be loaded to the AP tab in Odin. Ignore other tabs in Odin. That’s it.

Step 11. Click on the Options tab, and also make sure the Re-partition checkbox is NOT selected. Don’t usage the PIT tab, ever before.

Go back to the Log tab currently, as it will display the development of the firmware installation when you hit the start switch in the following action.


Tip 12. Verify that whatever is okay as stated above. When satisfied, click the Start switch on Odin currently to begin flashing the firmware on your device.

Wait till the installation is finiburned, after which your gadget will reboot instantly. You’ll gain the PASS message as displayed listed below upon effective installation from Odin.

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Some errors you may run right into, and also via the corresponding solution.

If Odin gets stuck at setup connection, then you need to execute this all aobtain. Disattach your tool, close Odin, boot gadget right into downpack mode again, open up Odin, and also then select the file and flash it again as shelp over.If you get FAIL in the peak left box, then also you need to flash the file aacquire as stated just above.


Need help? Sure, let us recognize in the comments area below.

Benefits of stock firmware

Back To Stock: If you wish to go earlier to stock on your Samsung device, simply installing a firmware making use of Odin will execute it. Whatever before customization you had actually done will be gone, prefer custom recoexceptionally, practice kernel, root accessibility, and so on. The gadget becomes as great as new software-wise.

Update: Installing firmware through a more recent Android version or build no. is the simplest way to update your Samsung Galaxy tool manually, without waiting for the OTA update, or when OTA fails you.

Unbrick: If your Galaxy tool is not founding effectively and also is stuck in the boot loop case and therefore rebooting after need to the logo design, then installing a firmware will solve that also. It serves as an excellent fix for soft-bricked devices.

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Unroot, and so on.: Well, you deserve to conveniently unroot your gadget by installing the stock firmware. This will certainly likewise remove practice recovery (favor TWRP, CWM, Cyanogen, PhilZ, and so on.), tradition kernel, and so on. stuff, as all partitions are set up via Samsung’s default corresponding imeras.