Odin says reset

i have a samsung galaxy grand also gt i9082 phone made in Vietnam. Suddenly it quit and restarted. But it is not start after gadget name. So i want to recollection it. I searched reremedies however i cant execute it effectively. They apply tool by a SD card which has actually some records. I should recollection my phone properly and also gain whatever to be effective. I need help assist with about that papers to upgrade..Thank You!





Software has gone corrupt on the phone most likely. Leave it on charge for longer if you haven"t left it for even more than 5-10 minutes.

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Try charging up your phone before perdeveloping these actions listed below.

Check the charger port for any kind of blockage of dust / debris / and so on. If tright here is, attempt cleaning it with a toothpick or something identical.

Disclaimer: You will certainly lose all information in your internal storage on the phone if you follow the actions below.

Steps to Factory Reset most (if not all) Samsung phones:

Turn phone off by taking battery out for 30 secs or force turning it off (if you do not have a user removable battery) by means of holding power switch and also volume down switch.After that Boot your device into Recoextremely Setting. You have the right to do this by holding the Volume Up + Home + Power secrets. When the Samsung Logo pops up, sheight holding the power button but keep holding the remainder.Once your android device is in Recoincredibly Mode, Go to the “wipe cache partition” choice and also select it.After that go earlier to the recoextremely primary food selection and also reboot the tool by “reboot mechanism now” choice.If the device aobtain stuck on Android Boot Loop pull out the battery aget or power off by other technique specified over and also follow the actions above aacquire. This time likewise “wipe data/manufacturing facility reset” and also then reboot gadget.

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Now your device must come out of the Android Boot Loop and also at the initially time the tool will certainly take some time to reboot.

If these procedures still do not job-related then you might should restore the software on your phone through Samsung Kies. If I can remember you execute it through Tools > Firmware upgrade and also initialization. This will prompt you to enter the design number and the serial variety of the phone which is normally at the ago of the phone or in the battery compartment.

If the Samsung Kies strategy does not permit you to download the firmware for your phone then you"ll have to go to http://www.sammobile.com/firmwares/ wbelow you type your version number of your phone to discover the firmware for your phone. Make certain you select latest version to the network-related it was greatly through.

Samfirmware instructions (After the file has finiburned downloading):

Extract (unzip) the firmware fileDownpack Odin v3.10.7Extract Odin ZIP fileOpen Odin v3.10.7Reboot Phone in Downpack Mode (push and also organize Home + Power + Volume Down buttons)Connect phone and wait until you gain a blue sign in OdinAdd the firmware file to AP / PDAMake certain re-partition is NOT tickedClick the start button, sit back and also wait few minutesBefore moving to step 11, you might want for it to get to the welcome screen as it sets up the phone.Wait until it claims pass. It is then safe to unplug after that.

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Here is the link to the list of firmware for your phone: http://www.sammobile.com/firmwares/datab...