Odin nand write start

Can"t complete the Stock ROM flash on my galaxy grand prime SM-G530H. The complying with error is presented inside the Odin message box.

Added!! Odin v.3 engine (ID:10).. Data evaluation.. SetupConnection.. Initialzation.. Get PIT for mapping.. Firmware upday begin.. aboot.mbn NAND Write Start!! FAIL! (Auth) All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)I hope the problem is through the NAND Write Start!! part.

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I tried through 3 of the stock ROMs and also gaining the exact same outcome. What need to I perform to conquer this problem?



I"m pretty sure you"re in Recovery mode. Put your gadget in Download mode (turn your gadget off, press and also host volume down and residence butlots, then press and also organize the power switch until the downpack warning appears, then volume up to continue, connect USB and also run Odin) to flash via Odin.

Putting your phone in Recoincredibly mode is done the exact same method except volume up is pressed via the residence essential rather of volume dvery own.

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Error: Secure Check Fail : aboot, when trying to update firmware on Samsung Galaxy Core Prime using Odin

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