In this experiment, you will certainly look at the various phase of mitosis in an onion cell. Remember that mitosis only occupies one to 2 hrs of the cell cycle, whereas interphase have the right to take almost everywhere from 18 - 24 hrs. Using this information and the data from your experiment, you have the right to estimate the portion of cells in each stage of the cell cycle.

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Onion (Allium) Root Tip Digital Slide Images


Part 1: Calculating Time Spent in Each Cell Cycle Phase

1.       The length of the cell cycle in the onion root tip is around 24 hrs. Predict just how many type of hours of the 24 hour cell cycle you think each action takes. Record your predictions, along with supporting proof, in Table 1.

2.       Examine the onion root tip slide imeras on the adhering to pperiods. Tbelow are four images, each displaying a different area of check out. Pick among the images, and count the variety of cells in each phase. Then count the full variety of cells in the image. Record the photo you selected and also your counts in Table 2.

3.       Calculate the moment spent by a cell in each stage based on the 24 hour cycle utilizing the equation below. Record your information in Table 2:

Hours of Stage =

24 x Number of Cells in Stage

Total Number of Cells Counted

Part 2: Identifying Stperiods of the Cell Cycle

1.       Observe the imperiods of the onion root pointer.

2.       Locate a good example of a cell in each of the adhering to stages: interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and also telophase.


3.       Draw the dividing cell in the appropriate area for each stage of the cell cycle, specifically as it shows up. Include your drawings in Table 3.

4.       Label the cell cycle stage on the onion root tip image (located after the tables).

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2.       In what phase were many of the onion root reminder cells? Based on what you recognize about cell cycle department, what does this imply around the life expectancy of a cell?

3.       Were tbelow any steras of the cell cycle that you did not observe? How have the right to you define this using proof from the cell cycle?

4.       As a cell grows, what happens to its surconfront area to volume ratio? (Hint: Think of a balloon being blvery own up). How does this proportion readjust via respect to cell division?

5.       What is the feature of mitosis in a cell that is around to divide?

6.       What would certainly take place if mitosis were uncontrolled?

7.       How exact were your time prediction for each phase of the cell cycle?

8.       Discuss one monitoring that you found interesting while looking at the onion root tip cells.