Nvidia control panel adjust desktop size and position

The Issue of Image Aspect Ratio

For some factor display screen motorists for both NVIDIA and also AMD graphics cards have a propensity to range photo to complete panel size rather of maintaining the default element ratio. If you don't favor to see your photo extended, you can change the behavior in the corresponding regulate panel (NVIDIA Control Panel or AMD Catalyst Control Center, respectively). The setting additionally doesn't persist reliably throughout driver updays, so it demands to be reconfigured periodically even if it was formerly set correctly.

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On optimal of that after recent driver updates both manage panel applications acquired broken somehow on 2 desktop devices I'm taking treatment of:

The NVIDIA one faibrought about display a lot of of the settings - just Stereoscopic 3D settings were obtainable in the tree view; nothing else.The AMD one was just reverting the settings to their previous value immediately after using them.

Today I made a decision to gain to the bottom of the worry and also finally effectively configure the driver again.

NVIDIA Compatibility Issues

It appears NVIDIA Control Panel doesn't play well via other display vehicle drivers set up on the machine. Based on this indevelopment I tried to disconnect my USB monitor and also it helped: all of the configuration choices were easily accessible aacquire. Obviously NVIDIA motorists don't coexist well with DisplayLink ones, compelled by the USB monitor.

Once the absent settings in the manage panel reshowed up, configuring them correctly is pretty trivial:

Open Display > Adsimply desktop computer dimension and also place from the tree see.Select the screen you desire to connumber.Set scaling mode to element ratio.Set scaling to be performed on GPU.Override the scaling mode collection by games and programs.

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This is exactly how the finish cause the present version of NVIDIA Control Panel:


AMD Driver Upgrade Issues

AMD newly released a new generation of their display screen drivers: AMD Catalyst Omega. After the upgrade altering the scaling settings in AMD Catalyst Control Center didn't seem to have any type of impact any type of more. Fortunately I wasn't the only one having actually this concern. As said in the short article, I rerelocated my display screen adapter from Windows Device Manager, selecting to delete the vehicle drivers as well.

Reinstalling the latest chauffeurs after doing that solved the problem, making it possible to apply the compelled configuration:

Select My Digital Flat-Panels > Properties (Digital Flat-Panel) in the navigation pane on the left.Select the screen you want to connumber.Enable GPU up-scaling.Select Maintain element ratio as Preferred Scaling Mode.

This is a screenshot of the last settings from the existing version of AMD Catalyst Control Center:


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