Notification dll has not been registered

Dell Inspiron 2200 windows configuration error "Notification dll has not been registered, regime will not occupational properly.

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I checked a number of sites to try to deal with this error without success. I have uninstalled, reset up, tried an older driver.

go right into device and also con +, through no luck at the minute. Ksperov is installed wright here an antivirus trying somepoint here currently, doubt it will job-related. I noticed that many kind of human being have actually had actually this error, however I have watched almost nopoint that corrected the error?

With all the Dell laptops out there, someone has solved it now. Also I tried to document a specific dll with no luck.

I can not uncover a dll that is labeld alert.dll?

The wiremuch less works, however it is worsening.

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Thanks, Bruce


Hey Brucefl,

Try to restart in a clean boot to see if this error message is brought about by a third-party program/startup procedure. To perform this, follow the actions in this troubleshooting guide: How to connumber Windows XP to begin in a "clean boot" State

If the rebegin in a clean boot stays clear of the trouble to appear, take a look at the list of programs and solutions (perform not forobtain to check her hide all Microsoft services box on the Services tab) tab of msconfig. Try disabling the programs and solutions to see if you have the right to isolate what programs and solutions is resulting in this error message to take place.

Hope that helps, I look forward to hearing from you.


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