Note 4 not recognized by computer

The reasons why you may have to attach your Android tool have the right to differ. Maybe you should transfer some documents, but it deserve to be extremely frustrating once for some factor your Windows 10 computer doesn’t recognize your Android tool.

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The good news is that there are various feasible solutions to this trouble. The poor news is that it’s more of a trial and error procedure till you come across the technique that finally functions. Don’t worry if you’re not very tech-savvy given that the adhering to techniques are straightforward to understand also and also perfect for beginners.

Turn on USB Debugging

Maybe the just thing you need to perform is to enable USB debugging so your computer have the right to detect your Android device. To make sure it’s permitted you’ll should go to “Settings” > “About phone” > “Developer options“.

Can’t check out the developer options? In that instance, you’ll should go to “Settings” > “About device” > “Software info” and also tap on the “Build number” about seven times. Hit the back switch and you need to now watch the developer options ideal about About Device.


Once you have developer options enabled, go into that option and tap on the USB debugging box. Now, view if your computer will acknowledge your Android device.

Try a Different USB Cable

Even if the cable you have actually isn’t that old, it’s still an excellent idea to try a different USB cable. The cable you have actually could be for charging only when you need one for file carrying.

The cable can be damaged and also could have come that means from the manufacturing facility. It’s also a great idea to protect against the cheap imitation cables and go for original cables from the same brand also as your phone.

Check USB Connection Settings

If you don’t have your Android tool collection as a media machine (MTP) your computer is not going to acknowledge it. You can change this setting on many type of Android gadgets by going to your device’s “Settings” > “Developer options” > scroll dvery own to “USB configuration” and also tap on it.

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A new window will appear through various options. If you want to deliver documents, then your finest bet would certainly to choose the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) alternative. Cshed the phone’s settings and also view if your computer will certainly acknowledge your phone now.

Do You Have the Media Feature Pack Installed?

Due to the fact that the MTP protocol is related to WMP (Windows Media Player), you’ll need this last one for points to job-related. Some versions such as the KN and also N versions don’t have it and that can define why your computer system doesn’t identify your Android gadget.

If you have these versions download the Media Feature Pack for both these versions for Windows 10. You might already have a website in mind to downfill them yet if not, you have the right to always go to Microsoft’s main site.

USB Ports

Have you tried connecting your Android device to an additional computer? You can be dealing with a faulty USB port, and if that’s the instance, no technique will occupational given that you’re handling a hardware worry. But, prior to you attempt an additional computer, check out if one more USB port functions. Maybe it’s just that one USB port and not all of them.

Also be sure that tbelow is nothing jamming the USB port on the phone. Sometimes lint or something sticky can acquire jammed into the port and reason it not to connect appropriately. You can try cleaning the port out via a light brush or wooden toothpick.



Also inspect for any type of referrals to the Android in Device Manager by going to “Control Panel” > “Hardware and Sound” > “Device Manager“. It may be detected as an “MTP or “Unrecognized Device” under “Other Devices” or “Portable Devices“. Try right-clicking then choosing “Uninstall“. Once the gadget is rerelocated, try restarting Windows by going to “Start” > “Restart“.


Anvarious other easy resolve might be rebooting your computer system. I understand this is an apparent tip, however you’d be surprised that periodically this is all it takes.

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It’s constantly best to start through the standard possible fixes and also then relocate onto the even more facility remedies. Hopecompletely, one of the above methods addressed your problem and now you can perform whatever it is you essential to carry out. Did I miss out on a solution that always works for you? If so, leave a comment and let us know which one it is.