Note 4 lagging

Hello men, I have Keep in mind 4 SM-N910F 6.01 soft. Everything worked great until it started to lag lately, in random moments, it doesn't matter what I'm doing, it also has like 15 minutes functioning fine. "Proces android isn't responding" also reflects to me. Do u have any advices? I readjusted battery, I'm charging just via Fast Charge original stuff, I did factory recollection, nothing aided. I have SD card yet once I take it out, whatever lags the exact same.

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Same exact point is happening to me, it only began newly. I tried removing some current apps I set up, thinking perhaps they were the cause, but that's not it, it happens in random moments: watching youtube, texting, scrolling...

Run "eMMC Brickbug check" application from the playstore!

If whatever checks out okay. You deserve to attempt disabling some of the apps and also in developer settings, changing animations to 0.5. I would additionally think about rooting and installing Greenify, then debloating the phone.

I'm currently rooted with stock ROM and tradition kernel. Its fast and also everything works perfectly. I don't understand exactly how deserve to I upload a snapshot below so I made a connect from imgur. This point is frequently showed once my telephone is entirely lagged and I have to take battery out.

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RIP. eMMC (Flash memory) is fucked.

Okay, 1st) TRY NOT to REBOOT the phone unless you REALLY should. 2nd) Downfill WakeLock Power Manager from PlayStore to speak your phone from rebooting. It keeps the display on and also CPU running also on standby. 3) Battery life will certainly decrease, but you'll still have a functioning phone. Try not to go below 20%. Try not to rapid charge too long then after switch to continuous charging.

I'm not certain exactly how it'll host up, few weeks, months, probably a year? It'll just save obtaining worse though.

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This began to occur yesterday. It would certainly gain super laggy and also i would certainly have actually a difficult time trying to unlock my phone. Now my phone is dead. D: It doesn't also charge as well. Any advice on how I can revive it or is it time for me to buy a new phone?

My phone freezes every one of the moment now. It also randomly reboots. It's crap and also I need a brand-new phone. I type of desire a GN5, however I'm not certain the batteries would be any great on many of the offered ones. I love the Keep in mind 4 though. Might uncover a new in box simply to have actually somepoint that I recognize I prefer.