Note 3 wont turn on

This short article will overview you on just how to troubleshoot and fix a Samsung Galaxy Keep in mind 3 that won’t revolve on. The actions I cited here are based upon the actual troubleshooting procedures that we technicians perform before opening up a phone. We constantly exhaust all possible options that is why this is going to be an extensive guide via seven practical actions.

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Before composing this short article, I connected via some of our readers who skilled this kind of trouble. Out of 6 customers, 3 said soft recollection resolved their trouble, 1 reported that charging the phone took care of the problem and 2 said the technician did it for them without disclosing the details.

We’ve been giving assistance to Android users for even more than a pair of years now and also we have actually seen a lot troubles already. We were able to resolve many type of of the issues sent out to us through email by our readers, yet, we’re still receiving thousands of emails each day. So, remainder assured that we will proceed what we’re doing. Feel totally free to email us at and also provide as a lot details as possible. You may additionally short article on our Facebook wall and also Google+ page.

Troubleshooting Steps

Step 1: Attempt to rotate it on by hitting the Power key

Your phone’s screen is off, that’s not a surpclimb. So, hit the Power / Lock crucial however the display still doesn’t revolve on. Hit it aobtain and aget and if the display won’t light up, you’re now certain the phone is off. So, hit the Power switch and also organize it till the phone boots up. If there’s no activity on the display after numerous seconds, release the Power switch and also attempt the exact same procedure two or three more times and also if the phone stays dead after that, go for the charger.

Step 2: Charge the phone and also make sure it does

Your Note 3 didn’t rotate on. There’s a possibility the battery was depleted, so attempt to charge it prefer you offered to. Unmuch less you adjusted the LED alert configuration, your phone have to emit a glowing red light if it’s charging appropriately or a glowing green light if the battery is full. It’s an excellent thing if you’re gaining either of these notifications.

In case the phone reflects a green light, disaffix it from the charger and also revolve it on automatically.

If you’re getting the glowing red light, leave the phone be for 10 to 20 minutes to make certain there’s enough power in its battery to turn the tool on. After that time expectancy, attempt to rotate the phone on. If it properly turned on, the difficulty was a depleted battery, otherwise, proceed with your troubleshooting.

Leave the phone to charge for an additional 20 minutes and repeat the same procedure. If the phone remains dead, it’s time to shake it up a little little.

NOTE: If the LED didn’t glow and also the display didn’t display screen the usual charging symbol even if the phone was properly associated to the charger and the power adapter was placed to the wall outlet, proceed to Tip 6 automatically.

Tip 3: Remove the battery and soft reset the phone

Many kind of of minor hardware glitches can be solved by this procedure. With enough power in the battery, remove the earlier cover of the phone and also pull the battery out.

Now, press and hold the Power button as if you’re trying to rotate the phone on. Keep pushing it for 30 seconds to 1 minute. We’re not trying to turn the phone on with this procedure, instead we are draining electrical energy stored in the phone’s capacitors.

After a minute of pushing the Power key, release it and also relocation the battery and then the back cover. Now, through the battery on, press and also host the Power vital again to turn it on.

Several of you might think it’s absurd to follow this procedure yet I tell you, we’ve already resolved a lot of minor difficulties by ssuggest doing this.

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Tip 4: Attempt to boot Galaxy Keep in mind 3 in safe mode

If the LED lit up when you charged the phone or if it’s giving any type of authorize that electrical power still flows inside however refprovided to power on, attempt this procedure.

What it does is that it boots up with all third-party apps disabled leaving pre-set up ones running. Tright here is a possibility that one of the third-party apps is bring about a dispute through the firmware’s normal procedure, so we must preeminence that out.

Press and hold the Power essential.When ‘GALAXY Keep in mind 3′ appears on the display, release the Power key. Immediately after releasing the Power key, push and host the Volume down vital.Continue to host the Volume dvery own vital until the device finishes restarting.‘Safe mode’ will certainly display screen in the bottom left edge of the display screen.Release the Volume dvery own vital once you view ‘Safe Mode.’

If the phone boots up in safe mode, then you can remainder assured it’s not a hardware issue. Otherwise, try to boot in recovery mode.

Tip 5: Attempt to boot Galaxy Keep in mind 3 in recoincredibly mode

In Recoexceptionally Mode, all the phone’s hardware are functioning just that Android device wasn’t loaded in the time of boot up. It’s choose your booting your Windows computer in DOS mode. But the very objective of this procedure is to test whether the phone can run also the recoexceptionally ROM only.

If you deserve to lug the phone to boot up in recoincredibly, tbelow is a large opportunity you can fix the difficulty. Not just does it prove the hardware is fine, it likewise enables you to wipe the cache partition and perform factory reset. So, it’s worth trying.

Press and also host the adhering to three butlots at the exact same time: Volume Up crucial, Home crucial, Power key.When ‘GALAXY Keep in mind 3′ appears on the display, release the Power key but continue to press and host the Volume Up crucial and also the Home crucial.When the Android System Recoexceptionally screen appears, release the Volume Up and also Home keys.

Beyond this allude, the opportunity that the trouble was caused by a hardware issue is more apparent. However before, tright here is one last thing you have to do and also that to make certain tbelow is great link between the battery and the phone.

Tip 6: Check connectors for breaks and also misalignment

You might have done this in action 3 but of course, we were so hopeful it wasn’t a hardware worry. But I intentionally inserted this step in the later on part of this guide to make a point that once the phone doesn’t display any signs that power runs with its parts, tbelow is a opportunity the contact between the battery and also the phone was cut off.

Now, remove the earlier cover of the phone and also pull the battery out. Caretotally examine the connectors at the earlier of the phone. If there’s one that’s twisted or misaligned, very closely straighten it out making use of tweezers. Be extremely cautious not to break it or make it even worse. If there’s one lacking, there’s nopoint you deserve to execute around it; you require assist from a technician to have actually the connector reput.

If all connectors are current and nopoint was misaligned, inspect the connectors on the battery. To make sure there’s no corrosion, wipe it via a dry fabric. In instance on connector is missing, execute not attempt to fix it. Rather, disposed of the battery effectively and also buy a brand-new one.

Step 7: Seek skilled help

Tright here are points that are past our manage. So, after exhausting all these troubleshooting steps and the phone still refoffers to power on, it’s time you brought the phone to a technician to have it resolved.

At this point, we deserve to say that the concern is through the hardware and also unless you’re a technician yourself, there’s nopoint you have the right to execute but seek help from those who have experienced knowledge.

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