No signal after windows logo

I updated to Windows 10 probably about a month back on my house desktop computer. It"s a tradition PC I built myself (specs arehereif you"re curious). As of last night, my machine boots to the Windows logo and little spinning loading graphic, then rather than the Lock Screen, my monitor transforms off and claims it has "No Signal".

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Once, upon a restart, the Windows logo design was adhered to by "Please Wait" and also then a message that Windows couldn"t pack properly. Using troubleshooting from there didn"t yield any outcomes. I could start into safemode from tbelow, but I haven"t gained the "Please Wait" dialogue aget because, and I"m not sure what triggered it.

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A. User
Replied on August 31, 2015

Hi Muh Kyle,

We appreciate your interemainder in Windows 10.

Sorry for the inconvenience brought about to you.

Have you made any transforms before the issue?

Kindly follow the listed below approaches and also examine if it helps.

Method 1:

Install the latest updays via Windows updates.

Open the Start menu and typeWindowsupdate in the search bar.Click on Windows update andCheck for the updates.Download and also install if tright here are any type of pending updates to be mounted.

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Method 2:

A clean boot is performed to begin Windows by using a minimal collection of vehicle drivers and startup programs. This helps remove software program conflicts that occur once you install a regimen or an upday or when you run a regimen in Windows.

I would certainly indicate you to refer the listed below help write-up on How to Perdevelop Clean boot and also examine if tbelow are any 3rd party applications are resulting in this concern.

The actions for Windows 8.1 applies well to Windows 10 likewise.

Disclaimer: Please recollection the computer to start as usual after troubleshooting through clean boot by referring above post.

Method 3:

I imply you to update the display screen chauffeurs. Follow the listed below link to upday motorists in Windows 10.

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How to: Install and also Upday drivers in Windows 10

I hope the over indevelopment helps. Kindly let us know if you need any further assistance with Windows. We are glad to help you.