No mapping between account names

I try to readjust mymanagement Username, after a while i gained the following problem" No Mapping in between account names and also Security Id was done" have the right to any one aid me.
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Hi Sankar,

Thank you for picking Windows 8 and posting your query on Community Forums. We are below to help you.

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You have stated that you have obtained the error: “No Mapping between account names and Security Id was done” after you tried altering the bureaucratic username and also you would certainly choose to know why this has occurred.

The factor you are getting the "No mapping between account names and protection IDs was done" is either bereason you now have actually an orphaned user account. This arisen as soon as you deleted or renamed your old user name which was still in usage by the device as each user name has a distinct SID or it might be as a result of a corrupted user profile.

To deal with this you might need to settle the corrupted user profile. For this, you should develop a brand-new admin account and also copy all the data from the corrupted user account. You have the right to follow these instructions and examine if that helps.

Step 1: Creating a new user account in Windows 8.

a)Press “Windows Logo” + “X” tricks on the keyboard and also choose “Command also Prompt (Admin)” from the menu.

b)Type “net user username password /add” and also push “Enter” on the keyboard.

Note: Relocation "username" and also "password" with your preferred username and also password

Now a brand-new user account is develop with your preferred username and also password. Now we must copy the old files to freshly developed user account. Follow the Tip 2 for this.

Step 2: Copying old files to recently created User Profile

a)Press “Windows Logo” + “X” keys on the keyboard and also choose “Windows Explorer” from the food selection.

b)Click on “View” tab and Click on “Options” at the height best edge.

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c)Click the “View” tab, and then select “Sexactly how covert records, folders, and also drives”.

d)Unexamine the box which claims “Hide defended operating system files”.

e)Click “Yes” to confirm, and then click on “OK”.

f)Now, find “C:UsersOld_Username” folder, wright here C is the drive that Windows is mounted on, and “Old_Username” is the name of the corrupted user profile you desire to copy documents from.

g)Select every one of the records and folders in this folder, other than the adhering to files:


h)Right click and also Select “Copy”.

i)Locate the “C:UsersNew_Username”folder, wright here C is the drive that Windows is installed on, and “New_Username” is the name of the brand-new user profile you have produced.

j)Right click inside the folder and pick “Paste”.

k)Restart your COMPUTER and also check if you are able to log right into the default profile.

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Hope this resolves the concern.Please feel cost-free to get ago to us for any type of queries or problems concerned Windows.