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Windows 8 Mouse Pointer Disshows up Fast Fixes

If you’ve been managing a mouse guideline that disappears from time to time once utilizing the Windows 8 operating mechanism, you are nowright here close to alone! When your mouse tip disshows up Windows 8 or 8.1, it can be rather annoying and also a genuine pain.

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This problem is so common that Microsoft themselves have addressed the worry, providing pretty straightforward and straightforward fixes that permit individuals to troubleshoot the problem all on their own. If you have ongoing to alert these kinds of concerns, don’t hesitate to take benefit of the user tutorials we’ve contained below to fix this worry when and also for all.

Let’s dive best in!

Mouse Pointer Disappears Windows 8 Troubleshooter Fix

The easiest method to deal with the issue wright here your computer mouse guideline disappears in Windows 8 is to ssuggest press and organize the “Windows” and “W” keys on your keyboard at the very same time.


You’ll have the ability to enter right into the “Settings” food selection, at which suggest in time you’re going to desire to navigate to the “Troubleshoot” area.


Once inside this menu, you’ll desire to discover the icon that reflects the “Hardware and Sound” area, and then left click into that menu. Find the “Hardware and also Sound” button, left click into that food selection, and also then left click on the “Next” switch.


Follow every one of the on-screen prompts that run you via the integrated Windows Troubleshooter, and also at the conclusion of this process you’ll be asked to reboot your computer.

Power back and also you need to notice that your frozen or disappearing mouse is back and good to go!

Mousage Pointer Disappears Windows 8.1 Fix With Msconfig

Even if your mouse has actually disappeared on the display screen you have to still be able to navigate to msconfig.


Press the Windows crucial on your keyboard to bring up the begin menu on your Windows 8 or 8.1. Ssuggest form the phrase “msconfig”, and also then click the “msconfig” symbol that presents itself upon the conclusion of your search.


Navigate to the “Services” section (it will certainly be in the top edge of the window), and also then check package that states “Hide all Microsoft services”. Click on the “Startup” tab (aacquire in the upper corner of the window), navigate to the “Open Task Manager” section, and then click the each item – one at a time – by selecting the “Disable” button.

Sindicate reboot your computer and you’ll notice that your computer mouse has actually become unfrozen on the display screen. This will certainly permit you to usage your computer system as normal, currently that you have actually clean points up in the “msconfig” area of your computer. Basically what you are doing is disabling any type of routine that isn"t Microsoft, from running as quickly as you start your Windows 8. There might be a routine that is interfering straight through your mouse"s driver.

Windows 8 Mouse Pointer Disshows up Due to a Function Key

So this can be the simplest, yet regularly overlooked solution. Most Windows 8 Laptops have actually a duty button on their keyboard that disables these computer mouse, or makes the computer mouse tip disshow up. Often times the user hits the essential by accident, and thinks that tright here is a major problem through the lapheight.

Look at your function keys (situated at the peak of the key-board labeled F1 to F12). If you view a computer mouse symbol, press the FN crucial and also the equivalent F# crucial. For example, on a Toshiba Satellite lapoptimal, this is located on the F5 key. Therefore you would certainly press FN + F5.


A lot of users tend to hit the wrong secrets once they are supplied to using the F keys for quick shortcuts. In the Toshiba instance, a user can be pushing F5 to refill the page. However before, they might hit the FN + F5 crucial and disable their computer mouse by mistake.

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Conversely, an additional area were you deserve to find the on and off switch is on the touch pad of a lappeak. This is frequently located on the peak corner on the touch pad.

Windows 8 Mouse Pointer Disshowed up When Typing

The computer mouse pointer disshows up in home windows 8 because it is meant to disshow up. Well, that is what Microsoft would certainly choose anymeans when you type. This developed in function within Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 deserve to create confusion in many unfamiliar users. Fortunately, turning off this function is pretty straight forward.

Go to the start menu and search for the regulate panel.
Click Hardware and Sound.
On that home window you will certainly view "Mouse". Click it.
Tright here you will certainly discover the Pointer Options.
Simply uncheck "Hide pointer while typing". Click Apply and also OK to save.

Mousage Pointer Disshows up Windows 8.1 Due to Driver Issue

Often times a driver update is not compatible via your computer, or the opposite can be true. You can simply need to upday your vehicle drivers. If the roll earlier option is allowed, attempt rolling the driver upday earlier to check out if the driver upday was at fault.

The device manager deserve to be discovered by going to the begin food selection and typing in "Device Manager".

Once you are on the gadget manager, locate "Mice and various other pointing devices".
Click the arrow to present even more devices. Right click the device. This will certainly display a drop dvery own menu, click "properties". Navigate to the Driver tab.

Here you will watch some driver choices for the computer mouse. Notice exactly how the "Roll Back Driver" choice is not enabled. This implies that I have not freshly updated my mouse driver.

If yours is enabled, try to roll ago the driver to watch if it fixes your mouse guideline disshows up home windows 8 problem. If you carry out not have actually it allowed, attempt to upday your driver rather.

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Mousage Pointer Disshows up Windows 8 ELAN Disabled

Some laptops have an ELAN tab in their Mousage properties. This has to be enabled or else you are going to have actually difficulties through your mouse.


Ssuggest head to the mouse properties by searching it using the begin menu. There you will certainly uncover the ELAN tab. Make sure it is enabled!

Other Solutions

If namong these remedies have actually operated for your computer mouse pointer disshows up in home windows 8 difficulty, you can attempt the complying with solutions:

Restart your Windows 8 computer. Rekeep your computer system to a previous reclaim suggest to view if you downloaded any conflicting programs. Reinstall the mouse drive. If you have a wireless mouse, change your batteries.