General Information

Demontower is a minigame you unlock halfmethod via Part I: Home Again. After Angus fixes your computer system, you deserve to use it and also access some symbols on the desktop computer. On the bottom left is the one for Demontower, which is and old college 2D rougefavor action game staring our hero, Palecat. You have the right to play Demontower any time you have actually accessibility to your computer after this, so if you do not want to play it immediately you have the right to wait for some suggest later on in the game. Tright here are two various trophies connected via this game, one for ssuggest completing Demontower and also another for completing Demontower through the true ending. Additionally, you have the right to acquire two notebook sketches concerned this game after either beating it or beating it through the true endings. Below I will certainly detail the fundamental strategy of this game, exactly how to obtain the true ending, and a overview for each of the nine boss fights.

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Basic Strategy


Demontower takes place over nine levels and also one final boss level, and also the player controls the heroic Palecat. Each level has actually a locked boss room and also a key, and also you will certainly should go and also find the vital and also lug it to the boss room to open it. The levels will become significantly harder, through more and also tougher enemies showing up as you go on. The levels are randomly created each time you begin, and also if you die you will rebegin on the exact same level you were on yet the layout and also kinds and variety of opponents will be different. However before, the room through the essential and the room with the departure will be exactly the very same in eextremely game and this location does not adjust regardless of just how many times you die on a level. The simplest method through Demontower is actually simply ignoring as many kind of adversaries as feasible because tright here is no benefit to kill them and also you just hazard taking more unessential damages. Your goal each level is to go to the room through the essential, then go to the boss room as conveniently as feasible.

Tbelow are a pair of various other points in the levels besides the adversaries. Tright here will certainly be a large range of pots strewn around, and these are worth noting bereason particular pots drop health and wellness. Health pick ups are floating pink fire, so if you check out any kind of floating approximately and your health bar is not filled, go pick it up to reclaim one wellness point. If the pots glow pink, they are guaranteed to drop wellness. However, various other pots will certainly randomly drop health as well so it is worth destroying some if there are no dangerous enemies nearby. On height of this, enemies deserve to additionally randomly drop health also. Keep every one of this in mind if your health and wellness starts running low. There are special adversaries that guard the doors tot he boss room that are guaranteed to drop wellness though, so perform not go as well much out of your method to pick up health and wellness unless you"re in a really bad case.

Tbelow are likewise a pair different types of ecological damages that can happen if you aren"t careful. Tright here are rivers of blood that you cannot walk over, however you have the right to dash with. If you walk on the river or stop your dash in the middle of it, you will take damages and also be knocked ago. Get close to it and also use a solitary dash to obtain over it. Tright here are additionally spikes that pop out of the ground. You can walk or dash over these as lengthy as the spikes are not all the method extfinished, however if they are you will need to wait for them to recede to relocate forward. Environpsychological risks become more numerous and even more annoying in later levels, and also will require excellent motion to prevent.

Palecat has actually 2 standard actions. He can strike, and also he have the right to dash. This doesn"t adjust as you relocate on to later levels, and also also on the highest possible floor you still will certainly only be able to dash and strike. There is a special dash assault that you have the right to perform if you press both the dash and assault switch at the very same time. You"ll dash forward and also swing your sword at the end of the dash. I discovered this more dangerous to usage than advantageous, bereason also though it can knock the opponents back you can take contact damage if you don"t space your assault effectively. The dash and strike by themselves are more tha valuable enough, though, and you have to take advantage of enemy attack patterns to get in hits and then dash ameans to security. You begin out through 9 health and one dash, however each time you complete a level you acquire one more dash and shed one point of maximum health and wellness, with the exemption of completing the very initially level which will add one dash yet not take any wellness. As you usage your dashes, they will certainly refill sensibly easily so carry out not be doubtful to usage one in a pinch. It is worth noting that if you assault too quickly, Palecat will come to be fatigued and will certainly begin moving even more slowly. Just dash when to acquire him back as much as normal speed.

As a basic strategy, attempt to spend as little bit time in the levels as possible. In the later levels as soon as you have actually exceptionally bit max wellness, you will certainly discover specific random fads are much harder than others. One time with a room you have to go via can have 6 of the tricky Knife Guards with obstacles all over, and also the next can have actually one or two adversaries and a bunch of pots. Each level right here is very brief, so if you die it isn"t a huge deal. Sometimes just accept you"re going to lose and also start over and also hope for a much better configuration. Other than that, try not to engage too many enemies at the exact same time, and also learn the layout of each level to ensure you"re spfinishing as little time as possible. Many of the bosses are fairly easy as soon as you learn their pattern, so if you"re having trouble describe the boss guide below for some beneficial tips.

Exit and Boss Room Locations

Each level is basically a 3 by 3 grid, through three rows of three rooms each. While the layout itself will change, the room via the crucial and the room through the boss door will not. The crucial is always located through a hallway in one of the doors to one more smaller sized room that has a tiny chest in it. Clear out the room of adversaries and hold dvery own the shown button to open up the chest. Tbelow will certainly be some of these rooms where it isn"t vital to clear out all the enemies because the layout might proccasion them from seeing you or being able to gain to the chest, but opening the chest itself takes some time and also the enemies have the right to come hit you while you"re doing this so at the incredibly least take out any type of opponents that have the right to pose a danger. The very same thing is true for opening the boss door, so again take out anyone that could cause an concern. Boss doors will certainly always be in the peak facility of the room, and also for that reason they will just happen in among the top three rooms.

In the table below, I"ve detailed the locations of the secrets and also exits on each floor. Refer to this table to recognize the quickest path for each floor. For instance, for Floor 1: The Hole, the key is in the bottom left and the departure is in the height left. So as soon as you begin off the level go left one screen and then dvery own one to discover the room that has the hallmeans to the vital. Then go up two rooms to discover the room with the exit to the boss room in it. These will certainly never before change, so constantly go to the very same rooms once trying to uncover the keys and the exits.

1 - The HoleBottom leftTop left
2 - The CellarCenter rightTop middle
3 - Skellie OutskirtsTop leftTop right
4 - Skellie CityBottom rightTop left
5 - LibraryMiddle leftTop middle
6 - ChurchTop rightTop right
7 - Blood MoatBottom leftTop left
8 - Leafy GravesCenter rightTop middle
9 - Cemetery GroundsTop leftTop right
10 - The CorpseN/AN/A
True Ending Guide

Simply playing with the game and also beating the last boss will earn you the standard finishing and the ~*~Demonpower~*~ trophy. However, tbelow is a 2nd ending to Demontower that can be unlocked if you understand what to carry out. Not only does completing the true ending unlock the Palecat trophy, it also takes specifically the same amount of time as the traditional ending. It actually renders the last boss slightly less complicated, because it removes the rivers of blood from his sides that shrink the arena a bit. Furthermore, the trophies stack so if you finish the true finishing you will actually unlock both trophies at as soon as. So tright here is no reason not to go for the true finishing from the incredibly start, is what I"m acquiring at.

To get the true ending, you will must remove skulls from pedestals in the correct order at the incredibly end of the run. To recognize which order to rerelocate them in, you will must talk to a green bird that spawns at the start of all the also levels. When you begin level 2, 4, 6, or 8 you will certainly check out a green bird appropriate at the beginning position. Do not kill him under any kind of scenarios. Not just is he friendly, however if you kill him he will certainly not generate in any kind of of the later on levels either. Approve the bird"s head will appear a series of eight dots. One of these dots will be white, and the basic pattern looks favor what is displayed in the image below.


When you obtain to the peak floor, ideal prior to the boss room, tright here will certainly be a lengthy hallmethod through 2 rivers of blood on either side. Look on the left side of the screen as you"re going up and also at around the hallmeans suggest you will certainly view a hallway that leads off display. Get in this room and you will uncover eight skulls sitting on pedestals, in 2 rows of 4. You will need to rerelocate the skulls in the same order that the friendly bird confirmed you. When the bird mirrors you the eight squares, the one that is lit up is the skull that requirements to be removed. They have to be done in the order told to you, so the initially time you check out the friendly bird the position he tells you is the initially place you need to interact through. The second time synchronizes to the second position, and so on. Interact through the pedestals in the correct order, and a chest will appear in the middle of the room. If for some reason you put points in the wrong order, simply kill yourself by walking into the blood because you will certainly need to restart the puzzle. Open the chest to pick up a vital, and carry it to the big bleeding cat creature that is near the door to the last boss.


Go to the side of the cat, somewhere close to the position displayed over. Interact via him and also the rivers of blood will certainly dry up. Now go fight the last boss and also defeat him as you normally would. When you finally defeat him, you will certainly get shown the true finishing which is a slightly different last screen to the game. You will certainly likewise obtain a second Notebook Sketch for your trouble.

Boss Guide

Tbelow are a complete of nine various bosses in this game, one for each of the floors (via the exemption of floor 9, which has no boss). These have the right to be rather tough at first if you don"t recognize their fads, however an excellent general strategy is to take benefit of your dash and also only slash as soon as you"re sure you won"t acquire hit. If you die to a boss, you will certainly must begin that entire level over again from the beginning. Luckily, the locations are all sensibly short so if you perform lose, you won"t wind up shedding that much time. For methods on specific bosses, please refer to the specific boss below.

Boss 1: Lava Crocodile


The boss of the initially level isn"t really a lot of a boss at all. He spawns and then just sort of stands there, begging for fatality. He does not relocate or assault or execute much of anypoint really. Go up and slash him a single time to insurance claim your victory. Unfortunately, not all of them are going to be this basic.

Boss 2: Krampus


Unchoose the last boss, Krampus is spoiling for a fight and also will certainly actually attempt to squash you if he has actually the opportunity. He will certainly follow you about the room and, when he gets cshed, swing his sack dvery own in the direction of where you are standing. He is not specifically fast fortunately, and also will certainly telegraph as soon as he"s about to swing his sack. You"ll have 2 points of your dash ability at this suggest, so use it to obtain out of the means. His assault computer animation takes a relatively long time to recover from, so gain in a free hit or 2 in while he is recovering from his strike. It isn"t worth trying to attack him while he"s walking roughly because you"ll finish up leaving yourself vulnerable and also you"re even more likely to obtain hit than if you just play it patiently. You have actually plenty of health at this point in the game so this fight shouldn"t be too tough.

Boss 3: Pentagram


The Pentagram boss fight is the first somewhat tricky fight in the whole game. Palecat will challenge off versus a bird wizard that travels around just in one of the courses outlined by an upside dvery own pentagram on the floor. He"ll take a trip in a collection of quick dashes, commonly percreating three or 4 in a row prior to coming to a brief rest. These dashes will additionally periodically unleash 4 or so Skellie Cats of assorted kinds from the floor. The dash strikes themselves have the right to additionally hurt you if you wander into the routes, however many this fight comes down to crowd control and not getting overwhelmed by the Skellies. Trying to follow the bird wizard approximately the pentagram is a losing strategy, because even when he pauses you"re not going to be able to catch as much as him in time before he starts dashing aget if he"s on the various other side of the pentagram. A much better strategy is to just sort of chill in the bottom best edge. Occasionally after a dash, the boss will pertained to a rest for a couple of secs in one of the corners of the pentagram. If you continue to be at the bottom ideal (roughly where Palecat is positioned in the over picture) you will be able to hit him when he rests in either in the point over you or in the suggest tot he left of you. While he isn"t around, you"re on Skellie Cat duty. Keep killing them whenever they walk your way, and take your hits on the boss whenever before he breaks. Skellie Cats will drop health occasionally, and this fight isn"t too poor when you have actually a good strategy lined up. Attack him just as soon as he rests nearby, and store on attacking Skellie Cats in the meantime.

Boss 4: King Skellie


King Skellie is a huge skeleton cat carried by 3 smaller sized ones. They will certainly dash forward with and swipe straight ahead through their scimitar as soon as you obtain close to it. They deserve to also dash earlier sometimes once you swing to strike. The fight is a slightly more facility variation of the Krampus fight from Floor 2. There are a pair of good methods to acquire hits in below. If you desire to be patient, you can goad it right into attacking then dash out of the means. Its attack animation is sluggish and they constantly telegraph the attack before they swing, so if you use your dash well you deserve to more than likely obtain 2 hits in each time he misses (you can constantly simply do one if you"re feeling particularly cautious). He will certainly pause briefly before his attack, so dash out of the means as soon as you check out him carry out this. He will just assault either directly left, appropriate, up , or down, so if you can"t quite tell which means he is attacking just gain to among the corners. Conversely, given that the boss is so big if you strike type of diagonally from the top best or peak left, he can not really hit you directly given that he will certainly never strike diagonally. It is a little bit riskier this way as you should be cautious to not be accidentally in his variety, however you can get some easy hits off this means given that his hit box is so huge. Once he"s defeated, the 3 smaller Skellie Cats will certainly now attempt and also assault you. They"re no more various then the dozens you"ve defeated already, so make short occupational of them and move on.

Boss 5: Mega Hairball


The Mega Hairball is essentially a just a bigger version of the Hairballs we"ve already been fighting approximately this allude. At first, tright here is only one large hairball, and it will slowly follow you approximately the room. Slash it once when it gets close, then dash amethod to protect against damages. Its hit box is bigger that you"d expect and deserve to damages you if you bump right into him, so attempt to only hit it going left and ideal as trying to attack it from above or listed below is tough to gauge. Once you execute enough damage, it breaks acomponent into 3 smaller (yet still big) hairballs. These hairballs are one size bigger than the Basic Hairballs we"ve been fighting, yet through only 3 to fight at first, things are still not to hectic. Kill one of these and it will certainly break acomponent into three Basic Hairballs. Thus, attempt to focus on only one at a time so the whole room doesn"t gain overrun by hairballs. Kill among the Basic Hairballs, and also it"ll break apart right into three of the Baby Hairballs. Once you defeat the Baby Hairballs, they will certainly actually disshow up for excellent. The goal here is essentially just opponent monitoring, focusing on only one at a time and avoiding too many type of from all getting here at as soon as. The fight is exceptionally simple unless you generate as well many type of of the little once at when bereason if you carry out you have the right to conveniently be overrun. The combat below is really no various than the Basic Hairballs you"ve dealt with outside currently, and there are just more of these at when. The second smallest ones here only take one hit to kill, so be careful not to kill two at as soon as otherwise you"ll have six of the small quick ones to resolve at the very same time instead of three. Try to attract the little ones ameans at this allude and kill them by themselves so you"re not hitting any of the significant ones you have remaining. Keep functioning your way through the hairballs, taking care to only taracquire one at a time and you must be fine.

Boss 6: King Fire Bird


King Fire Bird sits in a throne that floats around in a number eight pattern on the floor, periodically blasting 3 fireballs in your direction. Furthermore, he has 5 ghost minions that will gradually float towards you and attempt to cause contact damages. You cannot kill the ghosts, yet it is possible to knock them earlier with a swing of your sword. The King Fire Bird itself pertains to a speak to shoot out the fireballs, and also they will constantly taracquire the basic direction you"re standing in. You have the right to also be hurt by call damages by him while he"s floating on his path. Hit him while he floats about, and also making contact via him will certainly knock him back will certainly stun him temporarily. The ghosts are sluggish enough that they are easily avoidable, however hit them ago if they gain as well close. Keep dashing around the map and also wait for an opening to hit him. If he"s coming at you, time your swing bereason you will certainly knock him ago and also prevent the call damage. Fortunately, he does not stray from his figure eight route, so his motion is predictable enough that you need to not be recorded off guard. Choose great spots to strike, watch out for the ghosts, and also attack as soon as tbelow is an opening..

Boss 7: Upgraded Lava Crocodile


Upgraded Lava Crocodile is simply the first boss fight almost everywhere again, yet this time he actually wants to fight. LAME. Move towards the red square in the middle of the floor and also he will certainly spawn in side of it. After spawning, he will certainly begin moving in the direction of you and leaving a red route of lava behind him. This lava reasons contact damages if you touch it and does not go ameans no issue exactly how lengthy you"re on the screen, so you only have actually so lengthy until you have actually nowbelow left to walk. Additionally, sometimes he will pause and shoot out fire in all directions. Start to either the left or right of him (equivalent to the picture above) and wait for him to relocate into range. Quickly hit him twice, then dash ago. Repeat this process over and also over. Go either directly left or right, then directly dvery own, then right back in the direction of the other wall. This will certainly provide you a nice long course and also proccasion you backing into anything. You desire 2 hits each time so strike conveniently. He is stunned after each hit so as long as you contact through the initially, you"re safe for a second one assuming you"re fairly quick. When you view him flash, he"s around to unleash the fireballs. Dash back a little bit and avoid these, then gain in close for another couple of hits as this has a really lengthy strike animation. After resume the normal pattern and also save repeating this till he"s beat. As long as you"re getting two hits each time, you should have the ability to defeat him well prior to you should start leading him upwards.

Boss 8: Monster Knife Guard


This fight is possibly the many hard in the game for a pair of reasons. You only have actually 3 wellness, there is an entire level you have to complete before reaching him (and also the level itself is more than likely the the majority of challenging in the game), and the fight itself isn"t particularly straightforward. The Monster Knife Guard is essentially a more hard variation of the Knife Guard enemies we"ve encountered prior to, which themselves were more than likely the a lot of difficult of the conventional foes we"ve confronted off against. He is quick and will certainly dash roughly quickly severally times before coming to a stop. Once he does speak, he will certainly pause momentarily prior to throwing three knives in your direction. Making points also even more complex, the area you need to fight him in is expensive and tright here are a bunch of various other random enemies in here too. On the plus side, this room likewise has a bunch of pots that will certainly drop health and wellness if you"re running low. You deserve to connect him using even more traditional methods, yet this have the right to be a bit tough because you only have 3 maximum health and tbelow will certainly be various other men trying to hit you at the same time. The ideal strategy I uncovered was immediately dashing up to the peak middle of the display. The adversaries you pass aren"t likely to follow if you"re quick sufficient, although there may be a couple in this basic location that will take notice of you once you acquire cshed. Up here are a pair of little square stones, and the knives will not go via these. Refer to the picture over to acquire a basic principle of wright here you want to be. Hide behind one, and also once he stops dashing place yourself on the other side of the wall. As soon as the knife hits the wall, dash over to him and gain a quick hit in. Dash back to the stones and repeat the process. It is a bit sreduced then fighting him directly, however this approach is extremely safe and basically assures a victory once you get the timing. Clear out any kind of adversaries up right here initially so they do not bother you, then hide and also dash out to swipe a quick hit versus the boss. Tbelow will be times he stops somewbelow that is out of range of your dashes, and also if this happens you need to just wait it out and try aacquire throughout the following cycle.

Final Boss: The Blood Thief


The Blood Thief is the last battle, and also you only have actually a solitary health point to take him on. The great news is that tbelow is no actual level before him, simply a long empty tunnel that is entirely free of enemies. If you die, you basically just get to fight him aacquire without having to really earn your means to the fight. He deserve to either dash backwards or take a big swing at you that covers a substantial area and will certainly obviously kill you in one hit. The fight is actually a little bit less complicated if you are going for the good finishing, as the rivers of blood will no much longer be along the side. These heal him if he actions in them, so obviously you desire to stop that. The strategy here is the same either method. When the fight starts, automatically go in the direction of him and swing. He need to dash back. Dash earlier yourself and also then carry out this aobtain. Tbelow will certainly be some times you catch him prior to he can dash ago, and also you simply have to repeat this process. Be prepared to dash earlier always, and if you ever before watch him pausage for a second, dash as much earlier as you can. If you let him get also much forward in the room, he deserve to make it so you can not dash back any type of better. If that happens, dash to the side and try to carry out this procedure from a different angle. It is a basic sufficient fight once you know the pattern, and also it is simplest if you deserve to keep him directly in front of you.

Standard Enemies

The enemies here themselves commonly don"t pose as well a lot of a risk, and also it is more of a danger when you encounter huge teams at when. Below is a brief description of all the normal adversaries you can enrespond to in this game, in the rough order you might enrespond to them.

GhostPurple colored adversaries that move by floating.1Can move through wall surfaces.
Basic HairballsLittle grey blobs through pink lines coming out of it.1After killing it, it spawns right into 3 Baby Hairballs.
Baby HairballsSmaller versions of the Basic Hairballs.1These move faster than Basic Slimes.
Skellie CatWhite skelelots via a cat"s skull on top.2Damage you by bumping into you. First hit knocks off their head, and also the second hit kills them.
Environment-friendly Skellie CatGreen variation of traditional Skellie Cat. Carries a sword.2Very comparable to the traditional Skellie Cat, but they deserve to assault through their sword. They will thrust forward multiple spaces to hit you.
Basic GuardBrvery own bird in a brvery own robe through a yellow beak.1Similar to the Skellie Cat or Gorganize. Weak and slow and also will die in a single hit.
Weak GuardEnvironment-friendly creatures in a blue-green cloaks. Slow relocating.1Sreduced than the Basic Guard. Killing one will cause one much less Strong Guard to generate at the end of level Boss Door.
Strong GuardLook comparable to Weak Guards, but with a bright red cloak.2After acquiring the key to the level, these will generate at the boss door to block it. Upon seeing you, they charge you. Hitting them will knock them ago, yet they will charge again. Time your assaults to encertain killing them. Always drop one health and wellness suggest upon defeat.
Armored Eco-friendly Skellie CatLook identical to the Eco-friendly Skellie Cat, but they likewise have a green helmet they wear.3They assault prefer the Eco-friendly Skellie Cat, yet they have actually a helmet which gives them an addition HP. First hit takes off the helmet, second will take off their head, and the third will certainly kill them. Come equipped via a sword and also will trust at you with it.
Red Shield Skellie CatThey look equivalent to the other Skellie Cats, but they come with a red helmet and also red shield.4Like the Armored Environment-friendly Skellie Cat, they come equipped through a helmet and also a sword, yet these variants also have a shield that provides them a second HP. Attack via a sword by thrusting forward a number of spaces.
Fire BirdGreen birds via a blue-green cloak and also a red hat. Bright yellow beaks as well.1They progressively relocate around. When they watch Palecat, they do not pursue him, however instead pause to shoot out two fireballs. The fireballs linger behind once actors for numerous secs and also have the right to damages other adversaries. It"s actually a good method to clear out crowded rooms. Leave behind a solitary fireball themselves after death.
Blue Armored Skellie CatLook choose the other Armored Skellie Cats yet through a blue helmet. They likewise bring a spear instead of a sword.3The spears are dangerous because it gives them better attack selection than the other Skellie Cats. It is worth it to goad them right into assault and also then leading to a couple points of damage while their spear is still outextended.
Armored Skellie Fire CatHave a large green helmet and a blue-green cloak. Carries a sword.3Comparable attack pattern to the Fire Bird. They just usage their sword if you get in cshed. They additionally leave a single fire ball behind after they are beat, and their fires can cause damage to enemy personalities.
Knife GuardRed cloaks that completely obscure their faces1They dash extremely easily and also have the right to even go with wall surfaces. They throw a solitary dagger at you once they sheight. If you dash via the dagger, you will certainly block it. These are much and also ameans the a lot of annoying opponents in the game, and also if you obtain a negative pattern of them you are just sort of out of luck.

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That need to be everything you could perhaps should know about Demontower. Good luck out there Palecat. May you triumph over evil.