In the 2002 album Shaman, Santana‘s followup to the 1999 smash Superherbal, Carlos went back to the formula that had actually operated so well previously: collaboration with much younger artists. While Shaman didn’t have actually the commercial success of its predecessor, it did develop a number of noteworthy singles.

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Though the ideal known release is “The Game of Love” featuring Michelle Branch, another song additionally hit the top 10: “Why Don’t You and I.” Due to legal entanglements, this song has an interesting background.

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Why Don’t You and I was initially composed by Nickelback lead singer Chad actually Kroeger, and was sung by him also, in the variation on Shamale. However, as soon as Santana’s document label (Arista Records) wanted to release the song as a solitary, Kroeger’s label (Roadrunner/BMG) stood up to. The label felt that it would certainly overshadow Nickelback’s upcoming album, The Long Road.

Fortunately, Kroeger came up via a solution: he recommended his friend and also fellow artist Alex Band of The Calling as a replacement. Band re-sang the track, and that version was released as a solitary. (Alex Band starred in the video, as well.) Band’s variation also appears on the 2008 album Ultimate Santana.

Though Why Don’t You And I was penned by Kroeger, it incorporates a pop sensibility that he doesn’t normally screen, and also is a fine demonstration of his songcreating chops. Mostly in the vital of Bb major, the song functions a couple of harmonic twists, like the Abdominal muscle (VII) chord in the verse, and the switch to loved one minor (Gm) for the intro, with it’s inclusion of both Aeolian (herbal minor) and also Harmonic minor settings.

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While Santana doesn’t play any type of particularly memorable riffs in this tune, he handles the essential changes smoothly, and also lends a pleasing aura to the song. Alex Band, only 20 years old when the song was videotaped, has actually a affluent voice that, not surprisingly, is sensibly reminiscent of Chad actually Kroeger’s.

Why Don’t You and also I Lyrics

Because the moment I spotted youLike walking ’round with little bit wings on my shoesMy stomach’s filled with the butterfliesAnd it’s alrightBouncing round from cloud to cloudI acquired the feelin’ favor I’m never before gonna come downIf I sassist I didn’t choose it then you recognize I’d lied

Eextremely time I try to talk to you

I obtain tongue-tiedTurns out, everything I say to youComes out wrong and also never before comes out right

So I’ll say why don’t you and also I get togetherAnd take on the civilization, be together foreverHeads we will and also tails we’ll attempt againSo I say why don’t you and I host each various other,Fly to the moon and also straight onto heavenCausage without you they’re never gonna let me in

When’s this fever before gonna break?I think I’ve taken on more than any type of guy deserve to takeI’m favor a love-sick puppy chasing you aroundAnd it’s alrightBouncin’ round from cloud to cloudI acquired the feeling choose I’m never before gonna come downIf I sassist I didn’t prefer it then you know I’d lied

Slowly I begin to realize this is never gonna endBut about the very same time you walk byAnd I say oh below we go aobtain, oh

Why Don’t You and I Chords


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Gm – Dm7 – Gm – D7 Gm – F – Bb – D(addb9) Ebmaj7 – Dsus4 – Dm7