On “How Could You Leave Us,” NF inquiries his mother’s sudden leave in death, uncovering the heartbreaking moments he was able to share through her. Unfortunately, his… Read More 

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How could you leave so unexpected?We waited, we waitedFor you, however you simply left usWe necessary you, I needed youYo, I don't recognize what it's prefer to be addicted to pillsBut I do understand what it's like to be a witness, it killsMama told me she loved me, I'm thinkin' this isn't realI think of you when I gain a whiff of that cigarette smell, yeahWelcome to the bottom of hellThey say pain is a prison, let me out of my cellYou say you proud of me, yet you don't understand me that wellSit in my room, tears runnin' dvery own my confront and I yellInto my pillowinstances, say you comin' to acquire usThen call a minute later just to tell us you're not, I'm humiliatedI'm in a room with a parent that I don't badepend knowSome lady in the edge watchin' us while she's takin' notesI don't acquire it, Mom, don't you want to watch your babies grow?I guess pills are even more important, all you have to say is "no"But you won't carry out it, will you? You gon' save poppin' 'til them pills kill youI know you're gone, however I can still feel youWhy would certainly you leave us? Why would certainly you leave us?How might you leave us here?How can you leave us? Why would certainly you leave us? OhHey
I gained this photo in my room and also it kills meBut I don't need a picture of my mommy, I require the genuine thingNow a connection is somethin' we won't ever before haveBut why carry out I feel prefer I shed somethin' that I never before had?You shoulda been there as soon as I graduatedTold me you loved me and also congratulationsInstead you left us at the window waitin'Wright here you at mom?We're also young to understand, wright here you at, huh?Yeah, I understand them drugs have got you hosted captiveI have the right to watch it in your eyes, they gained your mind capturedSome say it's fun to get the high, but I am not laughin'And what you don't realize and also what you're not graspin'That I was nothin' but a child who couldn't understand also itI ain't gon' say that I forgive you 'reason it hasn't happenedI assumed that maybe I'd feel better as time passesIf you really cared for me, then wbelow you at then?Why would certainly you leave us? Why would certainly you leave us?How could you leave us here?How might you leave us? Why would certainly you leave us? OhHeyOur last conversation, you and I sat in the livin' roomTalkin' 'bout my music and I lugged you some to listen toYou began cryin', tellin' me this isn't youA couple weeks later on, guess you were singin' a various tuneYou took them pills for the last time, didn't you?They took you from us as soon as, I guess they came ago to end up youCryin' my eyes out in the studio is difficultMusic is the only place that I can go to stop to youIt took whatever inside of me, not to scream at your funeralSittin' in my chair, that perboy talkin' was pitifulI wish you were here, mama, however eextremely time I picture youAll I feel is pain, I hate the means I remember youThey discovered you on the floor, I can tell you felt hollowGave everything you had, plus your life to them pill bottlesYou gave whatever you had actually, plus your life to them pill bottlesDon't recognize if you hear me or not, but if you're still watchin', why?

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Why would certainly you leave us? Why would certainly you leave us?How can you leave us here?How can you leave us? Why would you leave us? OhHeySometimes I think around like...Sometimes I think about points choose, you knowWhen I'd have children, I'm favor...You won't be tright here, you know?You won't be tright here for any of thatAnd I'll never obtain to view you againSometimes I wish I would've just dubbed youI wish I would have actually simply picked up the phoneWish you were hereI intend you should've been there for usYou need to have been here!Them pills gained you, right?!Them pills got you, right?!I wish you were here