You’re on the side of the phase watching the speaker before you wrap up. You rehearse your presentation in your head, over and over and also over.

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Then you go up and…absolutely nail your talk. Everyone congratulates you, and also you feel stellar…till someone asks you what you assumed about the speaker before you.

But you can’t remember what that speaker also talked about.

Welinvolved the Next-In-Line Effect. Do you understand what it is, and just how you deserve to use it to your advantage?


The next-in-line effect is an example of your self-reference bias. This bias implies that you are more influenced and also affected by information if it implicates you.

And you already understand how the word “you” in copycomposing triggers the self-reference prejudice. So you know that this predisposition have the right to be potent.

As Robert Cialdini talks about in Pre-Suasion, the Next-In-Line Effect comes up in two ways:

First, on the front end, you will certainly pay much less attention to something if it comes appropriate before you are in the spotlight. Second, on the earlier finish, you will pay less attention to somepoint if you come right after that point.


Next time you have to offer a presentation, think around just how you deserve to use the Next-In-Line Effect to your benefit.
Increase Others’ Attention – If you desire someone to notice you, make certain you’re not going best before or appropriate after them.Hide From Attention – If you desire to rerelocate yourself from someone’s attention (e.g., a boss), attempt and also position yourself best prior to or ideal after that person.

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Increase Your Attention – If you want to pay attention to someone’s performance, and you’re set to go prior to or after them, think about recording their performance and also watching it later. That means, you’ll actually procedure the content of it better.

How have actually you leveraged the Next-In-Line Effect to sway and influence? Wbelow have you viewed it supplied by others? Share your expertise in the comments.


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