New firefox bookmarks gone

If Firefox starts up without your bookmarks, passwords, conserved tabs and other settings, inspect whether your information is accessible in a various profile. This deserve to take place bereason Firefox creates a committed profile for each Firefox installation.

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To recoup your Firefox data and settings from one more profile:

Type about:profiles into the Firefox attend to bar and also push the EnterRerotate crucial. This will open up the About Profiles web page.

This web page must list at least one profile and also can list many. The profile that Firefox is currently utilizing will have actually this:This is the profile in usage and it cannot be deleted.

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If you have actually another profile provided on this web page, it may contain your lacking profile information. You deserve to click the Launch profile in brand-new web browser button to open up another Firefox home window making use of that profile. If the other profile doesn"t contain your missing information, simply cshed that brand-new window. If it does contain the absent information, you can set it as the profile that Firefox will open up by default. Click the Set as default profile switch for that profile and also Firefox will certainly use it immediately the following time you open Firefox.

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For even more indevelopment about managing Firefox profiles, see the Profile Manager - Create, remove, or switch Firefox propapers article.