Corrie ten Boom sassist, “Never be afrassist to trust an unrecognized future to a well-known God.”



But male, we (I) don’t execute an exceptional task of that, execute we? A quote choose that coming from Corrie ten Boom puts us (me) in our places, doesn’t it?

This is a quote that hits me and provides me think once I check out it. I also contained it in my “I Will Trust In You” calendar. It’s a crucial message that we have to remember.

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Crazy Year Anyone?

This has actually been a year of uncertainty. More than as soon as, I wondered what was going to take place next. There were times I did not know wright here I would be from one week to the following. Tright here was many travel happening!

Family emergencies slowed down, wellness enhanced, and answers to inquiries were offered in means that were entirely a God thing. Tright here is nopoint we can have actually done to orchestprice the results we witnessed.

In the past few months, my auto offered major ideas she was ready for a new owner that wouldn’t make her go on lengthy road trips eextremely weekend. Finding the new-to-me car that I have currently took months! But it occurred, and it occurred in a beautiful method.

You would think after a series of occasions prefer these, I would remember that God is in regulate. He kbrand-new before I did what I would certainly need and, in his perfect timing, he took care of me. But no, instead in the time of the next crisis I panic almost everywhere again. Sigh…

Thankcompletely we have actually a patient God that quietly reminds us where our emphasis demands to be.

As I’ve reflected on this previous year, I’ve realized a couple of necessary points. Over the years, I’ve intentionally cultivated behavior that make a incredible difference in easing stress and anxiety on the panicky days


Cultivating GOOD Habits

1) Daily Time in the Word

Now I’m absolutely not perfect in this area. Tbelow are days I miss. What a difference it makes when I do have actually that daily time.

For a long time, my prayer was, “Lord, help me WANT to take the time to spfinish my mornings via You and not feel choose I have to”. Thankfully, over time, my attitude has actually adjusted to the suggest of craving this daily time in my Scriptures.

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2) Journaling

My journaling habit deserve to frequently be a hit or miss as soon as life gets really busy. But I seem to always uncover my method ago to my journal each week. When I take time to journal, it can make a far-ranging distinction in my life.

When I create out my prayers, it helps me to remain present, specifically as I’ve fallen asleep while praying a time or two