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I had actually an annoying trouble on my 2015 MacPublication Pro Mac OS as soon as watching movies on Netflix making use of Safari. When in full-screen mode, the display screen would flash/flicker a pair of times a minute. Well, after digging about, I discovered a solution for it.

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Why Does the display screen keep flashing as soon as watching Netflix?

Some MacBook Pro’s have dual graphics cards. Mac OS switches in between them depending on what kind of work you are doing, and also by switching cards it saves batteries. Unfortunately, the integrated Intel graphics cards are the factor for the flickering and flashing. So we need to turn on the high-performance graphics card as soon as watching Netflix.

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The solution to the difficulty is to go to SystemSettings and pick EnergySavings.There you’ll uncover the checkbox, “Automatic Graphics Switching”, which is turned on by default. Uninspect the tickbox and the flickering stops.

If you are on the move, make certain to re-allow the automatical switching, bereason running the higher-percreating graphics card all the moment drains battery capacity.

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Hello, i’m on Big Sur 11.1 utilizing Safari to watch Netflix. I tried whatever. And I lastly discovered the solution, deactivate the dark mode. It functioned for me, no even more flashes.

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