L>"Family Feud" surveys | Seakid 17 | 5-answer surveysWe asked 100 women...Name somepoint you"d say if your boyfriend dubbed at night and asked, "What are you wearing?"100NOTHING/SKIN52COME FIND OUT, STUD2LINGERIE/BRA18FOOTIE PAJAMAS17SWEATS11We asked 100 single womales...Name something your last blind day had actually in common through Mickey Mousage.100HAD BIG EARS46HE WAS SHORT7HAD A HIGH VOICE19ATE CHEESE15HE WAS BLACK13We asked 100 married men...Name something you"d have actually a lot more of if you didn"t have actually a wife.100MONEY44LONELINESS4DATES/GIRLFRIENDS38FREE TIME9STDS5We asked 100 woguys...Based on his personality, what kind of meat is your man?99BEEF/PRIME RIB67DUCK PATE2PIG/PORK CHOP19LAMB8VEGAN "MEAT"/TOFU3Tell me somepoint you just know that a young boy will say during a lengthy automobile pilgrimage.99THERE YET/HOW LONG?64I"M TIRED!2PRAIRIE DOGGIN"/PEE27I"M BORED!3I"M HUNGRY!3Give me another method human being say "dead body."99CORPSE63CADAVER4STIFF20DECEASED8VICTIM4Name somepoint chickens do that you"d feel pretty silly doing.99CLUCK/CROW63SCRATCH THE DIRT2LAY EGG/SIT ON IT16PECK/GROUND/TO EAT15FLAP WINGS3Which of the seven dwarfs describes exactly how you feel after a couple of drinks?99HAPPY56GRUMPY3DOPEY25SLEEPY10BASHFUL5Name something about women that proves God invested more time creating them.99HOT BODS/BOOBIES!52CARING/PATIENT5PRETTY FACES/HAIR25POP OUT BABIES11SMARTER6With the best lawyer, what can a woguy obtain every one of in a divorce rather of half?99HOUSE/REAL ESTATE47THE MAN"S SOUL2THE KIDS/CUSTODY24THE MONEY22THE CAR4Name somepoint that might be made of gold in a billionaire"s bathroom.99TOILET/SEAT44RAZOR2FAUCET/SINK34SHOWER/TUB16TOILET PAPER/HOLDER3Name someone at a funeral you"d be shocked to hear telling jokes.99THE CLERGY41COMIC/DON RICKLES2WIDOW/FAMILY36THE CORPSE10FUNERAL DIRECTOR10Name a reason a womale could day a guy that states he never wants to obtain married.99BIG DADDY GOT BIG $38SEX/PH.D. IN PUNANI5HE"S FUN/FRIENDS21NEITHER DOES SHE18TO CHANGE HIS MIND17We asked 100 womales...What would certainly it be hard to perform if you accidentally put on super glue instead of lipstick?99EAT32TAKE IT OFF2TALK32KISS25BREATHE8Name something about Steve Harvey that renders his wife one lucky woguy.98HE"S GOT BANK58KIND/TREATS WELL2HE"S FUNNY31PANTY-DROPPIN" HOT4HE LOVES HER3Name a chore a womale should carry out in the nude if she wants her guy to pitch in.98CLEAN/VACUUM53COOK5WASH DISHES20MAKE THE BED13LAUNDRY7Name a factor you might suspect a Little Leaguer is even more than twelve years old.98HAS FACIAL HAIR45DRIVES A CAR2SIZE/6 FT. 200 LBS.33A LITTLE TOO GOOD13HAS DEEP VOICE5We asked 100 single guys...Name somepoint a womale has a repertoire of that might frighten you away.98DOLLS/TEDDY BEARS41KNIVES6PORN/HOMEMADE23CATS17MAKEUP11Name something that can be inflated or deflated.98TIRE/INNER TUBE33AIR MATTRESS8BALL/FOOTBALL26EGO/EMOTIONS18BALLOON13Name somepoint you ride that is not motorized.97A BIKE81A SKATEBOARD2A HORSE8MY LOVER4A GOLF CART2Name somepoint grandma can store under her boobs.97MONEY72.44 SPECIAL/GUN2TISSUE/HANKIE18CELL PHONE3SWEAT2If people were prefer dogs, what could we execute once we greet each other?97SNIFF/BOOTY62HUMP2LICK/KISS18BARK9RUB/TOUCH NOSES6We asked 100 womales...Name an pet that has actually better grooming actions than some guys you"ve met.97CAT60RACCOON2MONKEY/APE25DOG8PIG2We asked 100 single guys...Tell me an occupation of a woman you"d day but you wouldn"t marry.97STRIPPER/DANCER56HOOKER/STREET HO4POLICE OFFICER21DOCTOR9BARTENDER7Name a unidevelop a woman wears at occupational that her guy likes her to wear in the bedroom.97NURSE43FLIGHT ATTENDANT2MAID36POLICE12WAITRESS/IHOP4We asked 100 womales...Name somepoint a man cries at that tells you he"s sensitive.97CHICK FLICK/TV43WEDDING5FUNERAL20ANIMAL DYING19BIRTH OF CHILD10Name a number that guys want to know but women don"t desire to tell.97AGE/BIRTHDATE41BRA/MELON SIZE8# OF EXES/HOOKUPS21POUNDAGE16PHONE NUMBER11Name somepoint the bride wears at a nudist wedding.97A VEIL32FLOWERS/ON NIPPLES2NOTHING/A SMILE22JEWELRY/RING22GARTER/BELT19We asked 100 males...Name something you"d prefer your mate to execute to your confront.96KISS IT53CLEAN IT/FACE MASK2MASSAGE/STROKE IT36NOTHING3BITE IT2Name something a dog trainer provides that a womale can usage to train her male.96FOOD/TREAT48VERBAL COMMANDS6WHISTLE15LEASH14SHOCK/CHOKE/COLLAR13We asked 100 men...Name something you prefer to watch women wearing that"s itty-bitty.96LINGERIE/NIGHTIE43SKIRT/DRESS2BIKINI/SWIMSUIT35BOOTY SHORTS14EARRINGS2We asked 100 married men...Name a cute pet your wife reminds you of as soon as she shakes her tail.96BUNNY/RABBIT25KITTY/CAT10PUPPY/DOG24SQUIRREL19FOX18If you felt brave, name something around Batmale you might make fun of.95COSTUME/BAT EARS81ROBIN, BOY WONDER2ANNOYING VOICE5CHEESY BATMOBILE5HIS DEADVERTISEMENT PARENTS2When a wife is mad at her husband also, name somepoint she spends his money on.95CLOTHES/SHOES70A MAN/POOL BOY2JEWELRY13ICE CREAM/FOOD7PURSE3Name somepoint a lonely woman can buy for herself on Valentine"s Day.95CHOCOLATE/SWEETS62DATE/SPEED DATING2FLOWERS/ROSES21MASSIVE VIBRATOR7WINE/BOOZE3Name a type of suit that"s not proper for the office.95BIRTHDAY SUIT59LEISURE SUIT2SWIMSUIT28JOGGING/SWEAT SUIT4BODYSUIT/CATSUIT2We asked 100 males...Name somepoint you see that you have a hard time taking your eyes off of.94BABES/BOOBALICIOUS74A HOT BRO2TV/MOVIE9CAR/"57 CHEVY7NATURE/RAINBOW2We asked 100 women...Tell me the worst place to uncover a man has actually the majority of hair.94HIS BACK68HIS POOPER2HIS EARS14HIS CHEST8HIS PITS2We asked 100 guys...You kiss a woman"s cheek on the first date. Where do you kiss her on the third?94MOUTH/UVULA60BUTT/DOODY CANNON3ANY/EVERYWHERE16BOOBS/TIP OF THE NIP9NAPE/NECK6Name something you wouldn"t want to be flat.94TIRE57THE EARTH2CHEST/BAZOOMBAS21MY BUBBLE BUTT9DRINK/BEER/SODA5Name somepoint a clown"s wife finds a hair on that renders her suspect he"s seeing the bearded lady.94FACE/MAKEUP/NOSE45HIS CLOWN CAR2OUTFIT/ZIPPER41HIS WIG3HIS HORN3When you"re at a party, name somepoint you never let out of your sight.94MY PURSE/WALLET37THE FOOD4MY DRINK24MY MATE/A HOT STUD22MY PHONE7Name someone who provides a pole.93STRIPPER/DANCER35SKIER5FISHERMAN22POLE VAULTER20FIREFIGHTER11We asked 100 married womales...Using the barter device, what could we provide you in exadjust for your man?93MONEY34A ROBOT3A MAID27BETTER MAN/DENZEL21NOTHING8We asked 100 males...Name somepoint you favor to watch woguys wear that starts with the letter "T."93THONG29TIARA4T-SHIRT28TANK TOP23TIGHTS9Name something you pump.92GAS61A PUMP4IRON/MUSCLES13TIRES10BREAST MILK4What"s the a lot of embarrassing thing the doctor does in the time of your physical exam?92ORBITS URANUS44IGNORES/TAKES CALL2PROBES YOUR PELVIS40WEIGHS/POKES FAT4SEES YOU NAKED2Give me a word that rhymes via "hubby."92TUBBY36NUBBY6CHUBBY31BUBBY11CUBBY8Name somepoint that follows the word "shark."92SHARK TANK33SHARK WEEK4SHARK ATTACK29SHARK BAIT22SHARK TALE/TAIL4Name somepoint guys do at a bachelor party that womales could likewise do at a bridal shower.91DRINK/SHOTGUN BEER57DANCE/THE YMCA2STRIPPER/ALL-NUDE18EAT9GIFTS/PARTY FAVORS5Name something Geppetto did not enable Pinocchio to play with because it was too dangerous.91FIRE/MATCHES56TERMITES3SAW/CHAIN SAW13KNIFE13HIMSELF/HIS NOSE6Name something no one wants to hear affluent people comsimple around.89MONEY/COSTS81BEING LONELY/ALONE2THEIR CAR/BENTLEY2THEIR MANSION2THEIR YACHT2Name something a medical professional might be wearing at an all-nudist hospital.89STETHOSCOPE66A GRIN3MASK9RUBBER GLOVES8GLASSES3We asked 100 womales...Name a question you"re asked that you constantly answer through a lie.89HOW OLD ARE YOU?42DO I LOOK GOOD/FAT?2WHAT DO YOU WEIGH?40WAS IT GOOD FOR YOU?3HOW ARE YOU?2Name somepoint certain you simply pop into your mouth.88CANDY/MINT/GUM65LOZENGE3PILL/VITAMIN9POPCORN8NUTS3Name a kind of location wright here human being complain, "It"s dead in right here."88BAR/CLUB65RESTAURANT4MORTUARY/CEMETERY7MALL/STORE6PARTY6Name somepoint you don"t favor to carry out when you"re wearing your tightest pair of jeans.88BEND OVER56DANCE/RIVERDANCE4EXERCISE/SQUATS16SIT6PEE/POOP/IN THEM6If they made a sexy perfume for female dogs, what could it smell like?88MEAT/FISH34GRASS4DOG/ROVER"S RUMP25DOG FOOD/TREAT/BONE14PEE/POOP11Noah didn"t execute us any type of favor by permitting what creature onto the ark?87MOSQUITOS/BUGS43SKUNKS4SNAKES30ALLIGATORS/CROCS6PEOPLE4Name a area wbelow civilization are allowed to let it all hang out.87NUDE BEACH/COLONY34SAUNA2HOME/BATHROOM26DANCE CLUB/BAR22SWIMMING POOL3If Supermale flew naked, name something he could hit his super package on.86BUILDING/SKYSCRAPER49ANTENNA/CELL TOWER6POLE/LAMPPOST15BIRD/BITING GOOSE8TREE/PINE TREE8Name a food that will be tough to keep on the shelf if marijuana becomes legal for all.86CHIPS/DORITOS43CHEETOS3COOKIES21BROWNIES11CANDY/CHOCOLATE8Name somepoint grandpa sees grandma wearing that would certainly make him reach for his Viagra.85LINGERIE/NIGHTIE52A TOWEL3BIRTHDAY SUIT17BIKINI/SWIMSUIT8HER TEETH5We asked 100 married civilization...What did you share as newlyweds that you now desire all to yourself?85BATHROOM/SHOWER29TV/REMOTE5BED/COVERS27MONEY14TIME10Name somepoint a stripper clintends as a service expense.83COSTUME/HEELS65GLITTER/MAKEUP3BOOB JOB7POLE/POLE CLASS4BIKINI WAX4Fill in the blank: A woguy might say, "I do not really require a male as lengthy as I have a good" what?83SEX TOY/SHOWERHEAD30DRINK/WINE5JOB/INCOME24FRIEND14CAT/PET10Name something you can tell someone that starts via "get out of my ________."83FACE25HAIR8WAY20HOUSE18LIFE12Tell me something a woman could have to offer approximately conserve her marriage.82HER MAN-HO/GROUP OF30SMOKING/A PIPE8HER JOB17FRIENDS/GOING OUT15SHOP"G/AT NEIMAN"S12Name somepoint a magician might say he wanted to be buried via.81HIS MAGIC WAND47HIS SEXY ASSISTANT4HIS HAT10HIS RABBIT10HIS CAPE10We asked 100 men...Name somepoint you put in your mouth as a son that you still do as an adult.79CANDY/GUM/FOOD33SPOON/FORK8PEN/PENCIL14FINGERS/HAND14BREASTS10Name somepoint grandma calls marijuana that would make you suspect she smokes it.77WEED/SKUNK WEED33REEFER9POT14GANJA11MARY JANE10Name somepoint you do not perform unless you"re in the mood.75GLAND-2-GLAND COMBAT42COOK/BAKE5CLEAN/LAUNDRY18DRINK/GET SLOSHED5EXERCISE5Name a renowned Jimmy.69JIMMY FALLON19JIMMY HOFFA7JIMMY CARTER18JIMMY DEAN16JIMMY KIMMEL9What would certainly be hard to steal from a sports save if you had actually to shove it down your underwear?68BALL/BOWLING BALL27SHOES/CLEATS5BASEBALL BAT24HOCKEY STICK6A RACKET6Name somepoint you"ll action external to do in the nude if it"s dark.67WHIZ/DUMP24TAKE OUT TRASH6SWIM18GET NEWSPAPER13LET PET IN/OUT6Name a word that starts via the sound "pee."65PEANUT28PEACE5PEOPLE16PEA/PEE/PEE-PEE8PEE-WEE8Name a well known singer you wish might tweet from past the grave.64ELVIS32JIM MORRISON6MICHAEL JACKSON13JOHN LENNON7JANIS JOPLIN6Name somepoint a 100-year-old man reflects a 100-year-old woman to impush her.64MONEY/IRA23JEWELRY/WATCH6HIS TEETH20BODY/PITCHED TENT9FLOWERS6Name an event wbelow you wouldn"t desire to be the facility of attention.61FUNERAL20EXECUTION6TRIAL/INVESTIGATION15BULLFIGHT/SPORT12WEDDING8Give me one more name for "mistress and anxiety."61LOVER16SLUT8WHORE/HO16OTHER WOMAN12GIRLFRIEND9Fill in the blank: Butter ________58BUTTERBALL20BUTTER COOKIES6BUTTER BEANS14BUTTERMILK9BUTTERFINGERS9Name something that can be missing the day after you throw a wild party.57MONEY/WALLET19A GLASS/DISH6BOOZE12MY UNDIES/CLOTHES10JEWELRY10Besides doors and windows, name somepoint civilization open.56CAN/"CAN OF WORMS"18BANK ACCOUNT7THEIR MOUTH12MAIL/E-MAIL12BOXES/GIFTS7Name somepoint a person has actually that could be described as astronomical.51HOUSE13BUSTLINE7NOSE12EGO12BELLY7Back to index