My iphone screen stays on

Every time I receive any notification (i.e. a message, whatsapp message, any kind of message from an application etc) while my phone is locked, my iPhone warns me via the screen turning on and also then it remains on indefinitely unmuch less I press the power switch to revolve it off.

I have permitted autolock to kick in after 30 secs and turned off increase to wake, however the difficulty still persists. This implies that my iPhone battery drains via the screen not immediately turning off if I don"t acexpertise receiving the notification and manually pushing the power switch.

Is tbelow any solution / resolve or are we intended to wait for the next software application update?



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Try the fundamental troublesooting steps:

Force rebegin your gadget (1st area of adhering to guide):

If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch won"t revolve on or is frozen - Support

If nopoint transforms, given that you"ve already tried to recollection your netjob-related settings, I"d attempt to install a fresh copy of your iOS.

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Make a complete backup of your iPhone, and also follow the measures offered to gain back your tool to factory settings, and collection it up as new:

Rekeep your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to factory settings - Support

The reclaim it from your previous backup.

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If the problems still persist, I would contacte your nearest Store and also have your tool inspected.

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Hey Guys, I probably need to have actually posted this a week earlier however I wanted to make sure this worked. I had rearea the phone and also the concern of screen not turning off persisted so I kbrand-new it was hardware related becasue what are the opportunities of that defect arising in 2 iPhone X"s. Anymethod I retained digging around and also ultimately uncovered the solve, I want to remind you that my iPhone X displayed this problem contentiously, in truth the average battery intake was about 50% just for "Home Lock screen" So what I did to fix this problem was go to settings > Face ID & Passcode > Turn Off Passcode. I then rebooted the phone and revolve passcode back on, currently store in mind it may disable some other things favor Pay and so on but was able set that up aobtain easily.

I can confirm its been running perfectly 100% for at least 10 days. I would be interested to see if this functions for others and if it does please note this response as useful. Good Luck