My iphone 4s screen went black

Yesterday I dropped my phone, and it was working fine when I picked it as much as inspect it, yet a couple of minutes later on the screen went black. I recognize it was still functioning, bereason I was still receiving phone calls, messages, and mail. I also took a snapshot with it.

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I"ve tried holding the home and lock button. I additionally tried holding the lock button while constantly pressing the house button, however I think the difficulty with this is that my home switch badepend functioned prior to the drop. I"ve tried to reset it and put it in DFU mode, but nothing is functioning. :( Keep in mind that I can"t take it to the shop bereason it"s jaildamaged.

Same thing has actually occurred to mine so I brought back it and my display is still babsence and I deserve to still hear whatever. What perform I do?

My iphone display screen is black, it transforms on screen still babsence provides sounds I have done the following and also nothing is functioning still:

Hard recollection, took off the earlier and held down both optimal and bottom buttons.

I simply gained my display reinserted (they tried 2 various screens) and this did the same thing, other than the display flashes back on when I take a display screen swarm. Which indicates the screen has actually the ability to work-related yet something"s not right...




simply put it upside dvery own provide a smack on its back and also it will certainly be ok

January 11 by rafay mir

Above idea worked perfectly for my Sony Xperia Z1 . One tight smack and it involved life

Fast Solution:

My iPhone is the same, i can below that its working and have the right to use Siri to message and make all my calls, yet the screen is completely babsence until it randomly came earlier sooner or later. Now the same problem has occurred aacquire this is the 3rd time actually yet I"ve identified a method which fixes it instantly...

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Just organize the residence switch and also tell Siri to turn up your display screen brightness and its back!


Only works for Iphone 4+ you may additionally require IOS7. So connect to computer and upday then attempt aacquire. Hope this has actually aided some of you.

when my iPhone is black screen and also functioning the sound. when I hold power botton and home bottom and I say tell siri revolve up your display brightness it work-related now I deserve to see may application and other say thanks to you exceptionally a lot for posting that

my iphone screen is black and also ive got it on charge and thats doing nothing... i have the right to still hear siri and ive told her to put the brightness but and she said"thats as highas it goes".what do i do....because my lock botton doesnt occupational.

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I told siri to revolve up my display brightness and also siri says calling 201934

is it my siri or does everyones carry out that

1.Hold the Power button for 3 seconds

2.Hold the Home button without releasing the Power switch for 10 seconds

3.Then the Apple Logo appears, and every little thing works as usual

First host power button for 3 sec and dont relase it! and also after 3 sec host power and house buttons for 10 sec.

For 5 sec u have to check out Apple logo design. If u dont check out the Apple logo design attempt go to the specialist. If u check out Enjoy working i phone5!

I tried your solution but it didn"t job-related. My apple logo flashes up yet nopoint else. Please assist me have actually only had phone for 1 year, don t mean to need to remove it now. : (