If someone is going to compose something around the things between his father and also himself, which title is even more correct, "My father and I" or "My father and me"?


What carry out you suppose by the things between his father and himself? Can you give some examples? Either phrase can be supplied as a title. To me, it's mostly an concern of formality, via my father and also me being less formal.
When making use of that expression as a title, both variations are valid. There is, but, a slight distinction in interpretation, I think.

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For me, My father and I concentprices a bit more on the points you and also your father skilled together, while My father and also me emphasizes around your relationship.

These are felt meanings, though, so both might be offered in any type of case.



It depends which situation you are talking around. Nonetheless, below are the easy rules.

These two are personal pronouns. A straightforward tip is usage the pronoun I, along with other subjective pronouns when the pronoun is the topic of a verb:

Tim and also I went to a restaurant.

Use the pronoun me, in addition to other objective pronouns once the pronoun is the object of a verb:

A suspicious man complied with Julie and also me to our house.

Use the pronoun me, together with other objective pronouns when the pronoun is the object of a preposition:

The manager spent the entirety day with Mike and me to comment on service avenues.

Me through Mike creates the object of the preposition with and also for this reason the pronoun me fits better than I.

You may also most likely watch it this way: Remove the second perchild and also examine whether it fits to I or me. This having actually said, me saw a restaurant, A suspicious male complied with I to our home, and also The manager invested the entirety day with I does not fit

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A incredibly easy answer:

If you are making use of as Subject, it will certainly be: "My father and I",

and if you are utilizing as an Object, it will be: "My father and also me".

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Stating my father and also I appears to suggest that you are even more crucial than your father? How deserve to this be correct?
Mar 26 "15 at 3:35
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If you have actually trouble recognizing which of the creates to use, determining whether it"s object or topic, sindicate rerelocate "My father".

I went to the cinema.

My father and also I visited the cinema.


The guards stopped me at the border.

The guards quit my father and also me at the border.

It functions the same, no matter if you"re at the end of the list, in the middle of it, or without a list, just alone - and also you must recognize just how to manage that last instance.

You will certainly occasionally see world composing "My father and also me visited the cinema.". That"s prevalent, yet that"s wrong - it"s an extremely common error. Don"t repeat it.

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