My data sources folder windows 10

I noticed 2 items that were added to my computer system and I do not have actually any type of concept what they are there:

1) On the Start menu, detailed is "Backup and Restore Center"

2) In my Documents folder is a folder titled "My Documents Sources" and also inside this folder are two things: (a) +Connect to New File Source and also (b) +NewSQLServerConnection.

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I have actually Windows Vista x64-bit.

I do not have actually a clue exactly how this stuff gained on my computer; to my understanding I haven"t used this stuff.

Can anyone tell me if I"ve acquired malware of some kind?

Thanks incredibly a lot.

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Cody - Before someone have the right to begin to help you, they might need a little more indevelopment. What"s product are you using? If it"s 360, I think it has actually a backup feature that might create that folder and files. If it is 360, someone may relocate your write-up to the 360 forum, wright here you deserve to get additional help. Have you run any type of scans and if so did they display any type of malware? If you desire a second or third shave the right to of your PC, you could attempt Malwarebytes" and/or SUPERAntiSpyware. Both are complimentary on demand also scanners and also they both work well through Norlots. Come earlier and also let us recognize what you find, others may see the very same folder and also documents.


Information on the Vista Back-up and Rekeep attribute is here:

The other folders are most likely MS Office folders to execute via mail merge.

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Hello, I usage NIS 2011. I"ve run NIS scans and nopoint was uncovered, even in Safe Setting. If I have malware, is tbelow a means to install Malwarebytes" without the malware disabling it? Ditto through SUPERAntiSpyware. Do you recognize of any kind of certain Trojans, keyloggers, and so on. that can utilize the stuff I discussed in my first post? Thanks extremely much. Cody

Cody - I hope delphinium"s suggestions aided you. If you would still favor to try them, here are the links to Malwarebytes" and also SUPERAntiSpyware. I hope they assist you.