Dear Amy: I dated my boyfrifinish for 18 months before deciding to move in via him. I’m in my 60s and also he is in his at an early stage 70s.

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Amy Dickinson

When I relocated in, he gave me his credit card. He said that I was to write down what I spent, and also then we would each pay half of the full.

The arrangement wregarding move in together into a townresidence that he was structure. He sassist I can not be on the deed for the home, and also that all the furniture in the new townresidence was his.

He told me I’d need to sell my conexecute and also my furniture. My conexecute is the only asset I have.

He wanted me to offer him $100,000 from the sale of the concarry out once it marketed. In rerotate, he shelp he would certainly take care of me as soon as he died.

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He started treating me badly and accprovided me of pushing him into marriage.

I did not like the concept of not being on the deed, because when he passes away his daughter could challenge the will certainly.

I decided not to offer my conexecute and also moved out.

Now he desires $7,000 dollars he states I owe him, from prices we incurred on the crmodify card. I don’t have actually any type of additional money, and also he knows that.

Can he sue me for the money? He told me he’ll give me until December to pay him back!


Dear Wondering: Your ex can attempt to sue you for simply around any factor, but that doesn’t suppose he will certainly win. He only wins if he succeeds in intimidating you through the threat of a suit to giving him money you don’t believe you owe him.

You must look for legal advice, yet based upon my very own study, once he gave you his crmodify card to usage, he was actually violating his own agreement with the crmodify card agency, which says that he is the owner of the card, and responsible for paying the balance. If he wanted to share the card, he need to have actually added you as an “authorized user.”

If you believe that you legitimately owe him $7,000, then you need to repay that amount, maybe in installments, if you can’t afford the entire amount. If you don’t think you owe him this amount, then you must negotiate concerning the amount you are willing to pay.

However before, provided his financial chicanery and also the means your connection crumbled bereason of it, if you carry out agree to pay him any type of amount at all, you need to have a created agreement through him and keep cautious documents.

You were wise not to come to be better entangled through him.

Dear Amy: My friend and also I have actually been planning a pilgrimage to Costa Rica to celebprice my birthday.

I initially had actually 10 human being that committed to going, and we all purchased airline tickets. We booked accommodations and also vehicle rentals via 10 civilization in mind; my friend and I paying for many of it, with the agreement that we would all share the expense later.

Now, three weeks prior to the trip, three civilization have actually dropped out for various individual reasons.

Now I am scrambling to try and cancel rooms and also vehicle rentals to get the cost down, as I had actually approximated a specific cost via the 10 civilization in mind, and now it’s down to salso.

I don’t think it’s fair for the remaining guests to take on additional prices, because of those who dropped out.

Should I ask the participants that dropped out to foot at leastern component of their bill? And if so, how perform I ask?


Dear Disappointed: There isn’t typically a expense for canceling or changing automobile rental appointments via this much notification. Depending on what organization you supplied to book your rooms, tright here shouldn’t be a expense for canceling the rooms either.

The civilization canceling are on the hook for their very own airline tickets.

Once you tally whatever before cancellation expenses you carry out encounter, you have the right to contact your friends to say, “I’m so sorry you won’t have the ability to join us. Unfortunately, I incurred the adhering to cost, which I’ve simply learned is nonrefundable. I’m hoping you will certainly be willing to reimburse me.”

Dear Amy: “Torn” was suffering from early-onset Alzheimer’s condition and also didn’t want to tell an older sister around it. You agreed through Torn!

You must have actually told her how selfish she was being.

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Dear Upset: “Torn” expressed the anxiety this disclocertain would subject her to, and I was supportive. I can’t imagine accmaking use of her of selfishness.

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