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If you have actually a jailbroken iOS 10 device, then you likely supplied the Yalu jailbreak tool that debuted at the beginning the year. While the iOS 10 jailbreak has actually inspired the breakthrough of numerous jailbreak tweaks, some of them really stand out from the remainder.

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In this piece, we’ll talk about the finest jailbreak tweaks for complimenting the Music app that have been released adhering to the iOS 10 jailbreak.

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1. Acapella III


Acapella III was possibly among the best releases to impact the Music application because the iOS 10 jailbreak.

This tweak does amethod with all of the touch-based buttons that are used for regulating your music and lets you use touch-based gestures instead. In doing so, the tweak takes a minimalist approach all of your Now Playing interfaces, which are now clutter-free via the buttons all nixed from see.

Since you have a touch display screen on your iPhone, it makes sense to make the a lot of of it, and buttons are simply so outdated that gesture consumption ssuggest makes sense for the modern-day people.

In our complete review, we go hands on with the tweak to show you what it can perform and also exactly how it’s a valuable upgrade from the stock setup. It’s a $2.99 purchase from Cydia, however if you very own a previous version currently, then you are entitresulted in discounted upgrade pricing.

2. ColorFlow 3


ColorFlow 3 is a brilliant aesthetic tweak for making your iPhone prettier to look at whenever you’re listening to music.

This tweak takes the dominant colors from your Now Playing album art and also then colorizes the remainder of the interconfront to complement it. This has the music regulate butloads, the metainformation information, and also even your Status Bar.

ColorFlow 3 functions in both the Music and Spotify apps, permitting you to experience this brilliant shade change in either atmosphere relying on what you favor to usage for listening to songs.

In our complete review of ColorFlow 3, we present you some excellent examples of just how the tweak looks in both apps. It’s accessible for $1.99 from Cydia, yet if you currently own a previous variation, then you’re eligible for decreased upgrade pricing.

3. Don’t Sheight the Party!


A pet peeve of mine is exactly how when you’re listening to music and also modding out your gadget at the same time, your music is interrupted after eextremely respring.

Don’t Stop the Party! is a solution to this trouble because it allows music from any of your favorite music apps to continue playing throughout the duration of the respring without getting interrupted.

Since it functions via any kind of application, it’s extremely versatile whether you use Apple’s stock Music application or a third-party alternative prefer Spotify. A complimentary option is additionally accessible that functions just via the stock Music application if you’re interested in that variation rather.

You have the right to learn even more around exactly how Don’t Sheight the Party! works in our full testimonial.

4. Harp


Harp brings the easy high-end of haptic feedago to the music controls throughout iOS.

There’s not a lot to say below bereason it’s such a basic tweak, yet one thing I’ve learned over the years is that world favor haptic feedago when they do points on their tools.

This tweak offers you through a tiny buzz any time you tap on music control butlots from any kind of of your Now Playing interencounters, which includes the one in Control Center and also on the Lock screen.

In our full evaluation, we comment on why Harp is a good addition to all jailbroken devices and also just how it complements the music-listening endure. It’s a cost-free downpack from Cydia.

5. I See Stars III


I See Stars III helps you see even more of what matters to you by letting you watch song ratings throughout the Music application.

Most notably, the tweak adds little bit rating signs to the left of the album artwork-related in song list views, which has as soon as perusing your Playlists or when looking at the Songs list from the Music app.

Because you can check out the ratings even more conveniently, it’s easier to determine which songs are your favorite without also reading the titles, which have the right to help make song selection quicker and simpler.

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In our full review, we comment on just how I See Stars III works and also who might choose it the many. It’s a totally free downpack from Cydia.

6. MusicMark


MusicMark renders listening to music on jaildamaged devices much less of a hassle.

If you’ve ever noticed, your songs constantly obtain interrupted once you respring your device, and as soon as you attempt to start them earlier up when the respring is complete, you need to start over from the start. Yeah… a actual buzzkill.

After installing this tweak, your tool will remember your area in your song simply prior to it resprings so that all you have to carry out once you end up respringing is push the play button in the Now Playing interconfront. After that, your music starts wright here it left off.

In our complete review, we talk around why MusicMark is a must-have actually for all jaildamaged music listeners. It’s a cost-free download from Cydia.

7. NoClose


NoCshed is the solution to those that are constantly cshedding their Music application from the App Switcher and ending their jam by accident.

This tweak basically screens a prompt in the App Switcher whenever you swipe up on an application that’s presently playing media, such as the Music application. You deserve to then confirm whether or not you really want to cshed the app before your music gets interrupted.

Because this has been a difficulty for such a lengthy time for the civilization out there that favor wiping their App Switcher clean on a continuous basis, this tweak helps prevent crashes that would certainly otherwise be missing if it weren’t for OCD.

In our complete evaluation, we go over NoClose and how it functions for those that try to cshed a Now Playing application from the App Switcher. It’s a free downpack from Cydia.

8. NotifyMusic


NotifyMusic is an easy means to be notified as music transforms on your device.

After installation, a banner notification shows up any time a song transforms on your tool so you know what you’re listening to prior to it also begins playing. It even comes complete via a small album artwork-related thumbnail for your viewing pleasure.

The tweak functions through many music apps, consisting of the stock Music app from Apple and third-party choices like Spotify, and also it will present you what app is playing the music in the header area of the banner notification.

In our full testimonial, we emphadimension just how the tweak offers a seammuch less experience for the finish user. It’s a complimentary downfill from Cydia.

9. Spin10


Spin10 modernizes the means the Lock screen’s Now Playing music controls look by imposing a circular template.

The music controls are exquisitely designed to sell the best feasible circular user suffer from the Lock display. Not only does the tweak emphasis on making the album art and music scrubber round, however it even redeindicators the music controls so they complement the design template.

Spin10 also goes a step better by colorizing the music scrubber to enhance the dominant colors of the song’s album artwork, which helps in making the interchallenge prettier to look at.

In our full evaluation, we describe why Spin10 uses a much more appealing UI than Apple’s stock Now Playing interface. It’s easily accessible for $0.99 from Cydia.

Wrapping up

The iOS 10 jailbreak is a testament to exactly how the area will constantly discover a way to prevail despite Apple’s fast software program upday releases that attempt to thwart hacking attempts from eexceptionally direction, and also these are some of the best of the tweaks that were conceived as a result of this jailbreak.

If you’re in search of even more excellent tweaks to go along with your iOS 10 jailbreak, we’ve also made roundups for the best tweaks for Notification Center and the finest tweaks for the Messeras application.

What was your favorite Music app-based jailbreak tweak for iOS 10? Share your thoughts in the comments section listed below.

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