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I have just updated my iPad to iOS 8.4. I"ve erected the brand-new Music app however I seem to have actually lost all my playlists, songs, albums etc. The just points reflecting are "Recently Added" and "Purchased Music which amount to the same thing. Where is the rest of my music and also wbelow are my playlists? I will definitely not be amused if they have all disappeared! I"d be grateful for any kind of aid you can provide me.

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Yes, this was something i did as well, and also it operated. Look, you simply go to settings, then music, then rotate off music library, (a confirmation will be requested instantly, you should allow it) and then revolve it on ago aobtain. This trouble, as i´ve learned newly is due to an infinish downpack of iOS 8.4. Another method, would be to reset the entirety phone ago aget, so iOS 8.4 relots aobtain fully. But the first method need to be sufficient. Good Luck!


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Hey Jacqui,

Have these playlist and also such ever before lived on iTunes in the past or purely curated on your iPad?

If its the first then you must be ok... it will sync with the new iCloud Sync... if its just from your iPad then never before synced via iTunes using cable then it is most likely gone.... relies exactly how "connected to iTunes" you were in the previous... sorry if im the source of your bemusement!!

EDIT: Sorry i should mention that if you are not signed right into iTunes on your PC/Mac then you may not view your iPad Curation!...

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Hey Jacqui,

Have these playlist and such ever lived on iTunes in the previous or pudepend curated on your iPad?

If its the initially then you have to be ok... it will sync through the brand-new iCloud Sync... if its only from your iPad then never synced via iTunes using cable then it is likely gone.... relies exactly how "associated to iTunes" you were in the past... sorry if im the resource of your bemusement!!

EDIT: Sorry i need to cite that if you are not signed right into iTunes on your PC/Mac then you may not view your iPad Curation!...

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HI Keywal

Thanks for answering so quickly. I have always developed my playlists on my COMPUTER in iTunes and also synced to my iPad (and iPhone) through a cable. However, I can not view that Music is synced through the iCloud. Wright here would it tell me if this is being done or not? If the music is in the iCloud will it immediately downpack into the Music app or would I have to sync via iTunes on my PC? I"d like to understand what I"m doing and also and what to carry out if points go the very same means before I update my iPhone.

Thanks for for your assist.

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First you need to encertain your iPad is updated to iOS 8.4 and also iTnes on you computer system is updated.

YOu need these to activate the cloud percentage of the company.

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ONce you have actually both of these and also you"re signed in it need to work!

let me understand exactly how it goes

Hi aget.

Just another couple of inquiries before I proceed. If I"m activating the iCloud, does that intend that my music isnt physically on my iPad? If so, would I need to be using wifi to listen to the music? Thanks very much for your help!

Once iTunes and your iPad are completely updated the process is automatic as much as activation goes (once you confirm that is)

The Cloud is just maintaining a database of what you have and also as soon as you listened to it.

if you desire to have the ability to listen to the stuff on your iPad ameans from WiFi you should make the songs/playlists easily accessible off line.(press the 3 dots to the best of the song/playlist and press Make Available Offline)

It will certainly download the papers you desire and you have the right to take amethod with you.

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Hello again!

Well there"s good news and also negative news. The excellent news is I got all my music to display in the Music application and have properly sorted which songs I want to make easily accessible offline. However before the poor news is that I can"t view any type of of my playlists. I"ve tried all sorts of means suggested by others on this forum however nothing works and I understand that this is a vast problem. Do you have actually any kind of principles which might work? I cannot understand exactly how deserve to release these updays as soon as are plainly not fit for objective. Thanks for your time

I have exactly the exact same difficulty, and also have actually done exactly the same. Would somebody assist us please? Thanks in advance!

Guess i discovered it. You gained to activate i tunes enhance, from the itunes keep panel. Maybe you´ll must purchase iCloud storage, in instance you don´t have any type of. Hope this works for you, it did for me (this instantly restored my playlists). CR.

Thanks Cesar. Would that mean I would have to subscribe to iTunes Match? It"s a con if so, and I can"t listen to MY OWN CDs without paying for the privilege! I have currently extfinished my iCloud storage so that shouldn"t be a problem. Why does it all need to be so complicated?!

Well I"ve gotten in the iTunes Store and it does seem that I would have to subscribe to iTunes Match. I can not afford to have actually this attribute and also I"m now getting to the end of my tether through this new Music application. Has anyone else prospered in fixing this problem or will certainly we have to wait for the following upday once realises they"ve cocked up significant time?! It"s no wonder that the take up of the update is so small. I, for one, will certainly be making doubly sure that there"s nopoint new to make a mess of my settings. Anyway, onwards and upwards.....I hope!

II"ve noticed there"s an iTunes upday which has actually just come out - will certainly this solve the trouble I"m having actually I wonder? Any pearls of wisdom would certainly be gratetotally appreciated!

This was driving me crazy as well. Had signed out of my Music account and signed earlier in to attempt to solve some syncing issues and also my playlists disappeared. I lastly identified that under settings/Music the iCloud Music Library toggle defaulted to off when i signed ago in. When i toggled it back on all my playlists came ago. May be a different difficulty all approximately yet it resolved my problem.

Thanks Jeremyfromvenice. I don"t just how if I"m just being a small little bit stupid, but what execute you mean by signing in or out of your Music? I recognize wbelow the toggle is for the iCloud Music Library however not My Music. Thanks.

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