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Theoretically, MTS is an embraced file format by Adobe Premiere, yet in practice, many kind of importing MTS to Adobe Premiere faientice has been reported and from the feedbacks we have the right to know that the mostencountered MTS failure is MTS has no sound when imported into Adobe Premiere or getting the error message "unsupported compression kind ". How to fix this problem? Before giving the services toresolving the trouble, first we will certainly see some MTS faitempt examples as listed below.

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I try to import one MTS to Adobe Premiere for editing, however the imported MTS file has no sound. Why this happen?Tright here is no sound in the MTS file that I import into Adobe Premiere. I adjusted the settings yet it does not job-related either. The MTS is tape-recorded by Sony handycam HDR-SR11. Any idea?I deserve to not import the MTS to Adobe Premiere, however obtain the message "the file is damaged or the file is not supported". I am utilizing Premiere Pro CC 2017. Is tright here a solution to this problem?

From Adobe Premiere website, we deserve to see the MTS has actually no sound problem or the MTS unsustained compression form worry has actually come to be the recognized worry. And it regularly happens with Premiere Pro CC 2015.3(versions 10.3 and also 10.4) and Premiere Pro CC 2017 (version 11.0). And the complying with part will administer two frequently offered options.

Method One: Clean, rename and also move Media Cache

Tip 1: Click Preferences > Media>delete all files from "Media Cache" and also "Media Cache Files" folders.Step 2: Rename the Media Cache folder. Go to the Media Cache area, rename the Media Cache folder to Media Cache Files_OLD and also Media Cache_OLD.Step 3: Change Media Cache place. Move the Media Cache from its original location to another new place.

After the 3 steps, attempt to import the MTS again. The solution will certainly job-related in many cases. But if the MTS importing issue still exists attempt the adhering to Systems Two which will certainly occupational in allinstances.

Method Two: Convert MTS to Adobe Premiere supported video format

MTS is a problematic format and we can use a professional MTS to Adobe Premiere converter to convert the MTS to other even more friendly video formats, such as MPEG-2. And this solution will certainly fix allMTS importing concerns. When talking around MTS to Adobe Premiere converter, VideoGo is a far better one. Check the vital attributes of VideoGo in the adhering to component.

Convert any kind of MTS from any type of camcorder to any kind of Adobe Premiere variation more friendly MPEG-2.Convert various other video styles, such as MP4, MOV, which have importing worries or transform various other unsustained FLV, MKV, WTV, and so on, to any type of Adobe Premiere more friendly format.Convert any kind of unsustained video format to Sony Vegas, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, FCP, EDIUS supported video layouts.Convert MTS to any type of various other video format or convert in between any 2 video styles.

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Guide on Converting MTS to Adobe Premiere

The complying with guide will certainly occupational to transform any type of MTS file to Adobe Premiere sustained video format.

Make Preparation: Free download MTS to Adobe Premiere Converter


Free downpack the skilled MXF to Premiere Converter - VideoGo (for Windows, for Mac),install and also run it, the following interchallenge will pop up.


Step 1 Import MTS file

Click the "Add file" switch to import the MTS to this MTS to Adobe Premiere converter. Or select to drag and drop the MTS to this MTS to Adobe Premiere converter.


Step 2 Set Adobe Premiere Supported Video Format

Select MPEG-2 or other Adobe Premiere friendly video formats as your output format by clicking "Profile" button >"General Video" category.

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Tip 3 Convert MTS to Adobe Premiere

Finish your MTS to Adobe Premiere friendly format convariation by ultimately clicking "Convert" button.